It is a nice CSS Christmas lights effect. Pro CSS Animation (Apress, 2013) I provided water bottle to my opponent, he drank it then lost on time due to the need of using bathroom. For horizontally scrolling the text, use the "marquee 10s linear infinite;" value for the animation property (change the seconds according to your needs). Signaling a security problem to a company I've left. Let’s recreate some marquee’ish effects in CSS! on CodePen. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! How can I transition height: 0; to height: auto; using CSS? About that auto-play thing — it’s a bonafide CSS trick: ... Frontend Masters has an incredible course on all things CSS and SVG animation from CSS-Tricks own Sarah Drasner. dropper post not working at freezing temperatures. Why do different substances containing saturated hydrocarbons burns with different flame? Powered by WordPress. To make it pause on hover, I added a hover state to pause the animation: My example has multiple items inside the wrapper. This text is wrapped in marquee tags. Nowadays, people don't like using it at all. See the Pen #CodePenChallenge: Menu by Hakkam Abdullah on ‘>CodePen.dark. Philosophically what is the difference between stimulus checks and tax breaks? Both padding are sized relatively. Here the animation shifts numbers from 0 to 9 using CSS translate property: Sarah comprehensively covers the possibilty of animation, the tools, and does it all in a very practical way. your coworkers to find and share information. smooth animation css codepen, CodePen is fast becoming the go-to place to show off what we can do with our web creations. Using jQuery is another alternative way of having the effect of a marquee. This codepen has a great example of what you're looking for. This articles explores some of the unexpected things that CSS can animate and some nifty things you can do by animating them. 3.8K of JS, no JQuery. An auto-generated #RWD image slider. How do I style a