A protective system is formed by static relays and electromechanical auxiliary relays. Conclusion : As the points listed above make clear, both MOSFET and electromechanical relays have their advantages and disadvantages. In 1963 the Bell Telephone company introduced its first reed relay based exchange and in the following years, the uptake of this technology for telephone exchanges increased. The electromagnet controls opening and closing of the contactors in the relay. A relay using combination of both static and electromagnetic units is also called a static relay. I have worked on the electromechanical relay. The Advantages of Solid State Relays. Advantages of Relays The complete electrical isolation improves safety by ensuring that high voltages and currents cannot appear where they should not be. When this operating current increases, coil energizes the electromagnet. There are different types of relays, such as machine control relays, reed relays, electromechanical relays (EMRs) and solid-state relays … The static relay only gives the response to the electrical signal. An electromechanical relay may feature one or many special attributes. In this episode of the PSDcast, we chat with Oscar Rivera and Rogelio Castaneda, both of Sensata Technologies, about solid state relays and their advantages over electromechanical relays.We also delve a bit into Sensata's new white paper, which discusses the technology and the company's proprietary solid state relays. SSR Advantages over mechanical relays Most of the relative advantages of solid state and electromechanical relays are common to all solid-state as against electromechanical devices. When the operating current becomes large, the magnetic field produced by electromagnet is high such that this magnetic field pulls the armature or plunger making the trip circuit contacts to close. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. For reed relays, however, the contacts are much smaller and lower mass than those used in electromechanical relays. Coupling relays, highly compact relay modules, and relays for the Ex area also help achieve high system availability.