Right now traffickers are robbing a staggering 24.9 million people of their freedom and basic human dignity—that’s roughly three times the population of New York City. The week of Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year in the United States, with 54 percent more drivers on the road than at any other time of the year. Human trafficking is a form of slavery that must be addressed at the interagency level. Posted on October 7, 2013 by Rhonda White. Once an airport employee spots one or more of these traits, they should call 911. A first of its kind in Canada, the hotline is a multi-lingual and confidential service that is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. Here are 20 facts about human trafficking in the US today. Air travel is one of the key ways traffickers move victims around, but with the right strategy in place airports can play a key role in raising public awareness, identifying trafficking situations and helping victims travelling through the …

Throughout the holiday season, many people take long road trips to visit family and friends. The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (CCTEHT), a non-government organization, launched the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline on May 29, 2019.

Here’s what we really know. Trafficking in the uk. Human trafficking includes forced labor, domestic servitude, and commercial sex trafficking. Still, it is a difficult task. Human trafficking includes forced labor, domestic servitude, and commercial sex trafficking. Human Trafficking Awareness Training AAAE's new human trafficking training provides airport employees information on how to identify the warning signs and behaviors of human trafficking activity in various parts of the airport. “There is training in airports and bus stations to help workers identify sex trafficking,” said Monts.

Human trafficking in the United States isn't an immigration problem, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 1/24/2020 12:00:00 AM “Let’s say I’m at the window of a transportation station. Human trafficking is the crime of transporting a person from one country to another, usually for the purposes of sexual exploitation, and it’s much more common that one would think. That’s equivalent to the total population of Australia. In reality, the extent of human trafficking in the UK is likely to be far greater than the NRM statistics … ... Human trafficking is one of many of the human rights issues within the area. Courtesy: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Airports can play a vital role in getting information to the masses about human trafficking. At world’s busiest airport, sex trafficking abounds. It follows patterns, but every situation is also unique. Proposals are therefore being sought to develop a primer, guidebook, and toolkit to help airport operators create and implement a comprehensive anti-human trafficking action plan. Human trafficking not only involves sex and labor, but people are also trafficked for organ harvesting. Human trafficking in the United States has a racialized and classed history. Posted by Michelle Lillie | 2013 | Labor Trafficking, Sex Trafficking | 0 . Courtesy: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Human trafficking is the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them. Concerns about trafficking began with anti-slavery and anti-prostitution movements in the 1800s, and moved into a “white slavery” panic, the fear for middle-class white women’s innocence and place in society. Human trafficking is complex and dynamic. The organization plans to address other human rights matters like race, gender and the death penalty.

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