Zoom in to see details. While the Knife Edge route drops down to only a few feet wide, the footing is solid and the drops aren’t sheer cliffs.

Katahdin is like panning for gold in a swimming pool.
Katahdin: Knife Edge Trail on Mt. The Abol Trail, the most direct route to Katahdin’s Baxter Peak from a roadside trailhead, is often presumed the “best bet” by novice hikers.That’s a losing bet. Katahdin is like panning for gold in a swimming pool. Enjoy & research Baxter State Park, Maine with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on Trails… It features insane views in all directions, steep ledges, lots of rock scrambling, cliffs and sometimes even a little danger. From Katahdin, continue beyond the Saddle Trail and climb to Maine’s second highest summit, 4,757-foot Hamlin Peak. Mount Katahdin's Knife Edge Trail - Baxter State Park Hiking & Scenery Hiking on Baxter State Park's Mt. We had hiked Katahdin, but daughter had never taken the legendary Knife Edge Trail, the narrow 1.1 mile stretch (and Maine rite of passage) from Pamola Peak to Baxter Peak. Consider this: the Abol Trail gains 3,982 feet in elevation over the shortest route. Current trail conditions Update Conditions. Trail map for Katahdin. This spectacular hike traverses the renowned Knife Edge ridge from Baxter Peak to Pamola Peak (you must also hike to and from these peaks). Katahdin via the Helon Taylor Trail to… Popular hikes nearby. My girlfriend & I hiked Katahdin yesterday. On September 9, 2018, we hiked together to Baxter Peak on Mt. Download trail head map.–> 3.2 miles one-way Elevation gain to Pamola Peak 3,413 ft. Knife’s Edge on Mount Katahdin – Saddle – Helon Taylor. Stellar views, cliffs, and wilderness. A footpath by the loosest of definitions, the serrated Knife Edge is notorious for getting as narrow as a lobster trap in places with a steep drop-off on both sides.

The saddle trail has a 1/2 mile section of scree and is also very steep. I'll remember those sights forever! Mount Katahdin: a Journey along the Knife’s Edge Posted on September 10, 2015 March 15, 2018 by Nicholas Hernandez Standing as the highest peak in the state of Maine, Mount Katahdin holds breathtaking views and one of the most challenging trails in the Northeast the infamous “Knife’s Edge”. In our opinion, it’s the best hike in New England.. Before we dive into the hike, a quick sidenote is in order… Difficulty: Strenuous Distance: 1 mile Time: 1 hour. This trail is ridiculously awesome. Russell Pond-Mount Katahdin Loop.

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