The Hornady 100 grain, 6mm round nose has a ballistic coefficient of. ballistic coefficient is the ability of the bullet to overcome air resistance in flight. Ballistic coefficient is a sub set of Physics known as "drag"; specifically Drag Coefficient.
However a ballistic coefficient in its purest form is specific to projectiles not under power.
Combining complete onsite environmental measurements with the precise trajectory solutions of the integrated Hornady 4DOF ® ballistics solver, this rugged all-in-one handheld unit delivers the convenience you want and the accuracy you need for long-range success under any conditions.. Now Shipping! Lying about BC's to sell bullets is apparently alive and well.) Ballistic coefficient is a sub set of Physics known as "drag"; specifically Drag Coefficient. Hornady ELD-X.257-caliber, 110 grains; BC: .465; Hornady … Ballistic coefficient is tied to bullet shape: Streamlined bullets such as the Hornady ELD-X have higher BCs than round-nose designs such as the Hornady InterLock RN. at 3,000 fps. Tested: Hornady A-Tip Bullets. Kestrel ® 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady ® 4DOF ®. Commonly used nowadays is the ballistic coefficient (BC or G) according to Karpov (i.e.

Ballistic Coefficients are measures of objects’ abilities to overcome air resistance mid-flight. Fired from a 6.5 Creedmoor at 2,700 fps, Hornady’s .264, 143-grain ELD-X bullet with a Ballistic Coefficient of .623 is so efficient that it can eventually overcome the initial energy advantage of this 180 grain bullet fired from a 300 Win. Typically, the higher the number, the lower the drag of the projectile (low negative acceleration), and the better the bullet will cut through the air. ‎Hornady Ballistics features advanced 4DOF trajectory and ballistic calculations based on Doppler Radar measured bullet drag coefficient inputs. The better, up-to-date ballistics programs let you select either G1 or G7 Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values when calculating a trajectory. Packs are available in 100, 500 and 1000 counts. The Hornady ELD-X® (Extremely Low Drag – eXpanding) bullet is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. The Ballistic Coefficient of tangential ogive jacketed bullets traveling at velocities above the speed of sound can be calculated to a reasonable degree of accuracy if careful measurements are made to determine the actual radius curve of the nose portion and the boat tail (if any) dimensions.

overestimate. You've probably seen that G7 values are numerically lower than G1 values for the same bullet (typically). Higher B.C.s do not necessarily make a … SPECS. 6.5mm - Hornady A-Max Below is one of my favorites, the 140gr A-Max. The Article does not seem to explain this. Ballistic coefficients are measures of a bullet's relative efficiency. (Photo by Richard Mann. by David Herman, Assistant Editor - Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Mag. For the more technically minded, ballistic coefficients are derived fr The ballistic coefficient (BC) of a body is a measure of its ability to overcome air resistance in flight. The average . A ballistic coefficient can change with reference to (1) altitude, (2) temperature, (3) atmospheric pressure, and (4) relative humidity. You've probably seen that G7 values are numerically lower than G1 values for the same bullet (typically).

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