Load Data Downloads.

ALL Accurate 2015 Accurate 2230 Accurate 5744 Alliant Powder 2000-MR Alliant Powder AR-Comp Alliant Powder Reloder 10x Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Alliant Powder Reloder 7 Hodgdon Benchmark Hodgdon BL-C(2) Hodgdon CFE 223 Hodgdon H322 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H4198 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Leverevolution Hodgdon Varget Improved Military Rifle IMR 3031 Improved Military Rifle … 338 Lapua Mag 180 Grain;

338 Caliber Bullets. In Sako or Tikka rifles with 22” barrel, handloaders should expect lower velocities using manual listed charges of around 50fps as the .338 Federal loses around 25fps per inch of barrel removed. Using bullets from Barnes … .338 Federal (Hodgdon Data) reloading data with 128 loads. Reloading Glossary. Powder and bullet manufacturers produce data for the .338 Federal which is tested for velocity in 24” barrels. Load Data: 338 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc. Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles. Home; Shop; New in 2020; Bullets Bullets ... 338 Federal. Load Data &Technical Information by Cartridge. Load Data &Technical Information by Caliber.

Reloading Information. Right click on the image of the load data … Open up the load data page you wish to download. 338 Caliber Brass. 338 Fed 180 Grain; 338 Fed 200 / 210 Grain; 338 Fed 225 Grain; 338 Lapua Magnum.

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