This means that hunters are able to control the firearm much better, making more accurate and effective shots. You might get a little carbon build up in the chamber from the shorter case, but this isnt bad with a light wadcutter load and isn't hard to clean up.

The Ruger GP-100 ($650) is a 6 shot .357 Magnum revolver with a DA/SA action and stainless steel medium frame.

It is also critical to understand that most .357 Magnum factory loads are designed for anti personal use - not hunting.

Senior Member . While the cartridge produces around 1200 ft/lbs of energy, which is more than a .44 Magnum, it also has less recoil. JSP, .357 with JHP, .357 with JSP .357 Armour Piercing(no longer legal or available), 160 gr. Just ordered a Henry Single shot in this caliber. JHP, 125 gr.
Ruger GP-100. You don't need a strong load for 25 meter bullseye and if your .357 doesn't shoot that load accurately it won't shoot anything well. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Random 8 Member. I no longer use a 357 but may load some up (in the 38 Special case) and see how they fly from a S&W M686. Reloading The .357 Magnum Left to right:-- 160 gr. Joined: Jun 19, 2018 Messages: 1,109 Location: Central MN. has a well-deserved reputation for accuracy. When selecting a hunting load, it is important to match the bullet weight and construction to the job at hand. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 17, 2010.

However, it gains right at 400 fps from the 18-1/2″ Marlin 1894 and puts three shots in 3/4″ at 45 yards.

The only time I load a 140gr bullet in the .357 Magnum is when I try to replicate Speer short barrel .357 Magnum loads.

Whats your most accurate .357 load, any powder any bullet any weight. If you are striving for the most accurate bullet/load in your 357 magnum a SWC from 158 to 200 grains is for you. A magnum case isn't needed for accuracy and you won't see any difference with a .38 case. Not only is this excellent accuracy, it is a significant increase in muzzle velocity. As a general guide to performance, the .357 can produce quite spectacular kills at impact velocities of 2000fps and faster using hollow point projectiles.

Do you have any favorite recipes for the 357 magnum using Blue Dot that you could share with me? With 13.5 grains of 2400 in a 38 Special casing, it was a very accurate load in my S&W M27-2 and my S&W 28-2 (when it was chambered for the 357 Magnum round.) The following are my medium frame revolver choices: 3.
If you have one that looks very similar, you can use the "most accurate loads" and be close.

.357 mag accuracy load? Gary wrote:With 357 magnum factory ammo as scarce as hens teeth, it is time for me to reload.My supplies are too limited to work up a load for accuracy in both my Ruger Blackhawk and Marlin lever.

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and have recently purchased a 6" GP100 in .357, my first revolver. Most loads tested surprised me and I fired several groups of five rounds that came close to an inch at 25 yards. You guys must have a go-to load??? 10 Posts . I never loaded that bullet in 357 cases as I had many thousands of the Special cases available.

My most-used load these days in a .357 Magnum sixgun is the Lyman #358156GC bullet over 14.0 grains of #2400. Then work up the perfect load for your revolver. February 12, 2008, 03:46 PM #2: AlaskaMike. If you was going to load the most accurate load for a 357, what would be the bullet and powder?

Toss up between 358156and 358429,as to which bullet is the best.

The 357 is the last caliber that I am struggling with. SWC+GC, 160 gr.

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