Archived. I made this homebrew axe for my character, What do you think/I could fix? save hide report. Classic editor History Comments Share. . This axe has such good synergy for a Blood Hunter of the Order of the Lycan. ... To me it seems like the Leviathan Axe would be a Battle-axe with the thrown property. Axe of Bloodletting (5e Equipment) From D&D Wiki.

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Angel Compendium Items by StriderT. Close. So I wanted to try and see if I could homebrew something similar for 5e D&D, but this is my first time doing homebrew so I wanted some feedback if … Even the curse of the Berserker works well with the Lycan's bloodlust feature since they already have to make a WIS save when they take damage or else attack someone closest to them. Does it get cumbersome having PC remember to roll a d6 to see for the recharge, and how often do they use the abilities. Dungeons And Dragons Memes Dungeons And Dragons Homebrew Pen & Paper Dnd Funny Dnd 5e Homebrew Dragon Memes Dnd Monsters D House Pokemon.

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51 comments. This beautiful, crystalline battleaxe seems to be almost transparent when looking at the bladed head from different angles.

Ideally, something that qualifies as axe but has reach. Rare Greataxe (Heavy, 2-handed) requires attunement Damage: 1d12+2 Slashing Repurposed Adamantine Blade: You receive a +2 bonus on Attack rolls made with this weapon. The Axe is a sharp guitar, that has edges as sharp as a blade, reinforced with solid steel and magic. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. 5e Workshop. Posted by 2 years ago. The axe shatters forwards in a cone, dealing Nd8 damage in a 60 foot cone in front of the user or half as much if they succeed in a DC N dexterity saving throw.

Just looking for a second pair of eyes to review the weapon. The Axe takes on a … You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Races; Aberrations, beasts, humanoids, oozes, undead, and many … Homebrew. March 13, 2020 - by Doug Vehovec. Close. 5e. Ring of Vampiric Luck. save hide report.

ARTIFACT WEAPON, REQUIRES OATH OF ANCIENTS PALADIN TO ATTUNE, … Homebrew. Otherwise, something that deals a …

... Been A while since I posted here :D Here is a new homebrew ispired by hollow knight.

[OC] [5e] Leviathan Axe Homebrew Weapon Help 5th Edition My friend and I have been playing the new God of War game this weekend and got to thinking about how to re-create Kratos's Leviathan Axe. share. Since the 3x Critical feature is removed from the Great Axe I find it difficult to mechanically justify using a Great Axe. Looking for any feedback on this homebrew axe I made for my players. If you want your barbarian to have and use this axe, you absolutely need wisdom so you can succeed that save throw, unless your allies know to stay away from you. 3. One of my players wants to play a dwarf beatstick (crusader or warblade) with a big honking axe.

This weapon has 5 charges. This is another unusual …

2d6 Has better average damage and has somewhat of a bell-shaped chance distribution to boot: this means that the expected damage roll of 2d6 lies between 5 and 9 2/3rds of the time you roll for damage.

Close • Crossposted by 1 ... Posted by 3 minutes ago. share.


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