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Also: Never bite the hand that feeds you Used as an idiom as early as 600 B.C. Bite the Hand Lyrics: They ball-gagged Lady Justice / And blindfolded her so she can't see / The erosion of the people's trust / Of what will come to be an FDIC Assisted Suicide / The depression of a The lion bit his trainer. Meaning of Idiom 'Bite the Hand That Feeds You' To bite the hand that feeds you is to attack, harm, show ingratitude toward, or otherwise turn against someone who is he and in English since at least the 16th century.

Bite definition, to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth: She bit the apple greedily. Bite the Hand is a NYC-based film and television production company founded by Volga and Richard Calderon, bringing edgy and artistic content to all screens.

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