We have pieces in the following keys for Trumpet:

The C Major scale, is the first scale that most beginners learn. The C major scale ranges one octave, C to C. Starting on middle C below the staff and the octave above which is the third space C in the treble clef. Therefore, if a piece of orchestral music is written in C major, trumpet players will receive their parts presented in “concert pitch C major,” which is actually up a … It is often referred as the "warm-up scale".

Trumpet pieces in C major on 8notes.com . C major (Sounding Pitch) D major (Trumpet in Bb) (View more C major Music for Trumpet) In order to play the C major scale, you need to know which of the valves to press. A written C major scale for a trumpet (as presented above) actually sounds as a B♭ major scale.

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