Barbados, although intensively cultivated, possesses a surprisingly varied flora of flowering plants totalling some 600 species. Category:Flora of Barbados. Dec 5, 2012 - Explore bhta's board "Barbados: Flora & Fauna", followed by 384 people on Pinterest. This chapter discusses observations on the marine algal flora of Barbados. This category contains articles related to the native flora of Barbados. Barbados, a small but perfectly formed tropical paradise, might be best known for its beaches and watersports, but there is also an interesting array of wonderful animals there. Shaped like a teardrop, Barbados is the easternmost of the Caribbean islands. Due to Barbados' exposed location at the eastern border of the Caribbean, Barbados has a very rich marine life. In an effort to expose you to the many plants that exist on the island of Barbados, we invite you to take a look at the following categories throughout:- Crops, Flowers, Plants, Trees and Trees (fruit). There are an endless amount of hidden gems scattered across Barbados, just waiting for you nature buffs to unearth. For guidance on using flora distribution categories, see WP:PLANTS/Using the WGSRPD. Blackbirds are to be found all over Barbados, and they move in flocks, so it would be unlikely for you to see one bird by itself. WGSRPD code: WIN-BA : This category contains articles related to the native flora of Barbados.

In the summer of 1964, 3 months were spent in Barbados, B.W.I., during which time 107 species (39 Chlorophyceae, 17 Phaeophyceae, and 51 Florideae) were collected from several localities around the island and identified. Here are some of our favourites. You are encouraged to seek guidance from official sources such as … Above: the Barbados Green Monkey . Der größte Teil des tropischen Urwalds der einst die Insel bedeckte musste schon vor Jahrhunderten den Zuckerrohrplantagen weichen. It is an important stop over for wintering birds such as Sandpipers, Plovers and Herons. Add your comments about Barbados flowers. One particular important fish is Barbados' flying fish. Discover Barbados’ Landscapes and Enchanting Array of Flora and Fauna Barbados is as colorful as it is gracious. This book is the first since 1830 to list and describe them.

Higher taxa are included only if endemic. Plants, animals, insects of Barbados. The wildlife, wildflowers, fungi and beautiful coastline of Barbados are very special. This book is the first since 1830 to list and describe them. The government has done a good job of preserving the coral reefs which protect the coastline, and thus the habitats of a number of native creatures. Taxa of the lowest rank are always included. It was named from the Portuguese Os Barbados or the Spanish Los Barbados, meaning ‘the bearded ones’, probably after early sailors saw the long, hanging roots of its bearded fig trees.

There are keys to the families, genera and species, and a vegetative key to the commoner trees and shrubs. In Barbados the birds sing all day, and at night the miniscule (in size but not voice) Whistling Frogs take over the musical entertainment with the conductor handing over the baton at approximately 7pm, which is also when the bats begin their crazy nocturnal airborne aerobics. Above extract taken from August 18, 2010 edition of the Barbados Advocate. As the name implies, flying fishes can fly (or sail) above the water surface with a speed of up to 50 km/h (∼ 30 miles per hour). Out of 700 species of indigenous plants on Barbados, the only 2 which are unique to the island are the Phyllanthus andersonii and Metastelma barbadense.

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