The friends seek shelter in an abandoned church, but their plans for escape are ruined when one of them becomes possessed. Directed by Seijun Suzuki • 1964 • Japan Starring Joe Shishido, Yumiko Nogawa, Satoko Kasai. Gate of Flesh is one of the earliest examples of the sado-masochistic soft-core sex films called pinku eiga that would grow by the 1970s into one of Japan's largest, and domestically most popular, genres. Maya, a young woman whose family has died, joins the group.

With Rae Olivier, Daniel Annone, Jarrod Beck, Marquita Goings. Gate of Flesh. With Jô Shishido, Kôji Wada, Yumiko Nogawa, Tomiko Ishii. With Gate of Flesh, visionary director Seijun Suzuki delivers a whirlwind of social critique and pulp drama, shot through with brilliant colors and raw emotions. Gate of Flesh (肉体の門, Nikutai no mon) is a 1964 Japanese film based on a novel by Taijiro Tamura and directed by Seijun Suzuki Gate Of Flesh, the first film in the trilogy and the only in color, tracks a band of prostitutes living in a bombed out portion of Tokyo as they attempt to survive during the immediate postwar years.

Directed by Bob Giordano. Gate of Flesh (1964) Drama. Shigeyoshi Mine's rich photography almost has a 3-D quality, it is so textured. Seijun Suzuki directed this gritty, stridently anti-American account of prostitution, set in the black markets and rubble of Tokyo during the immediate postwar era. A group of friends attempt to escape the city after an outbreak of demon-possessions.

In the shady black markets and bombed-out hovels of post-World War II Tokyo, a tough band of prostitutes eke out a dog-eat-dog existence, maintaining tenuous friendships and a … Criterion's DVD of Gate of Flesh has an eye-popping enhanced transfer and excellent sound; the film is a visual feast for the eyes, guaranteed to cure color blindness. An injured thief on the run finds sanctuary within a brothel of united, ruthless women. Gate of Flesh (肉体の門, Nikutai no mon) is a 1964 Japanese film based on a novel by Taijiro Tamura and directed by Seijun Suzuki. Directed by Seijun Suzuki.

After World War II, some Tokyo prostitutes band together with a strict code: no pimps, attack any street walker who comes into our territory, defend the abandoned building we call home, and punish whomever gives away sex (who falls in love).

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