For your info, im using a Serie 3 selmer alto sax. 1. I recommend checking with your teacher that the pad is not stuck, and that your instrument is … The low C# key on a saxophone is played with the little finger of the left hand. A sharp B flat.

I can play a low C, Low B, Low Bflat, everything on that "key-square" thing except my low C#. I find this C-sharp to be rather flat. Is there an alternate fingering? This fingering chart includes trill fingerings, which are fingerings designed for rapid alternation between two notes at an interval of a minor second (semitone) or a …

In this online/downloadable class you will see methodical lessons in a sequence and you can get feedback and ask questions at any point. Thanks Altissimo Fingerings for Alto Saxophone by Christopher Barrick F#3 G3 G#3 A3 1. I'm using the fingering for C with the addition of LS2, but it does not seem to work. Add this page to your favorites! I play the alto saxophone, and lately I've been practicing mostly with a tuner. 8 ve Key. How To Play D flat on the Alto Saxophone. Saxophone Foundations Want to play saxophone, but feeling lost and not sure how to get started? The high range from :line4: onwards are okay, however the :space3: is about 10 cents flat, and i when i blow the note louder, it seems to go flatter. Nick Wyver noisy. 2. this can be alternate fingering with an octave key

Hi Guys I'm trying to play a low c# on alto. you can play it by not pressing down any keys. so until then I’m checking out all your videos while waiting for my Alto Sax delivery. I have been playing sax for two years and recently passed Grade 2 exam. I just bought a used YAS-200AD.

How To Play C sharp on the Alto Saxophone. D. D sharp E flat.

G. G sharp A flat. 3.

C-sharp on the saxophone: genericaudioperson: 2/15/09 7:29 PM: Hello, To play a C-sharp on the saxophone, some fingering charts indicate simply playing the instrument open with no keys pressed down.
Hi, i am wondering whats wrong with my sax. Any general suggestions? Home > Fingering Charts > Saxophone > Trill > First Octave Trill Fingering Chart for Saxophone First Octave: A 3 to C# 5. (Playing alto sax for two years, practices 3 or 4 days a week)-Barrie. B. C. C sharp D flat. Messages 5,920. A sharp B flat. Since this is the weakest finger, sometimes this key is hard to push, and condensation can cause it to stick. 8 ve Key. Theory . A.

Tutor locator . Musical Tips. Hello and welcome to this series of Notes On Alto Saxophone. The written low Bb of an alto sax sounds a C# (or Db) in the middle of the bass clef, also know as C#3. Visit today. The finger work for the basic notes is the same for all saxophones, so whether playing the baritone saxophone or the alto saxophone, the fingering chart is the same.

Main fingering. When I try to play it i comes out as a low C. I have no time to take it in to the shop before I need it again for school. Notes On An Alto Sax - D flat C sharp. How To Play C sharp on the Alto Saxophone. Hello and welcome to this series of Notes On Alto Saxophone. Main fingering for accessing altissimo. However, only the baritone saxophone has a low A. Low C Key The low C key is the lower right hand little finger key and is used primarily for playing low C. Baritone Saxophone Keys

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