That's when you need a delicious Palestine Lime. I used to grow the Palestinian Sweet Lime. Product Description. Mousami, Palestinian sweet lime, sweet lime. Palestine Limes aren't ripe until they turn a soft yellow (not green like other limes).

The Worst Fruit I’ve Ever Tasted: The Palestinian Sweet Lime. Download from thousands of premium palestinian sweet lime closeup tree stock photos by Megapixl. Fruits of the genus citrus tend to be some of my favorites, and I rarely find one that my taste buds do not agree with (although I am not very partial to grapefruit). Indian sweet lime is a small evergreen tree with few thorns, growing 4 – 6 meters tall. That's when you need a delicious Palestine Lime.

Palestinian Sweet Lime - Large Fruit Tree Exotic Fruit Trees Very juicy and tender fruit, thin skin, acid-less, great addition to your rare citrus collection. Discover the complete import data for Palestinian Sweet Lime, including top importing countries, import markets, average import price, and in-depth analysis of importing countries. Desert-grown fruit differs so greatly in size, color, form, and rind texture from that produced in the cool, equable coastal region that the inexperienced observer would consider them to … The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height etc.
Palestinian sweet lime is also used as a citrus rootstock. But this was before the Palestinian Sweet Lime (PSL). But sometimes that lime taste is just a little overwhelming and lemon just won't work. This sweet lime is remarkably affected by climatic influences. By Mac 2 Comments.

Note: The image is for reference purpose only.
After tasting the fruit I tossed out the tree to replace it with another cultivar.

The fruit was very insipid, almost completely devoid of an acid content. In my opinion the least tasty citrus that I have ever grown. Offered in full …

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