Toxocara canis (Werner, 1782) is one of the most important gastrointestinal helminths in dogs, with infections reported from all parts of the world. RECURRENT GASTRITIS IN DOGS DUE TO TOXOCARA CANIS INFECTION IN A KENNEL S Sivajothi1 and B Sudhakara Reddy2* 1Department of Veterinary Parasitology, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Andhra Pradesh, India 2Department of Veterinary Clinical Complex, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Andhra Pradesh, India INTRODUCTION Toxocara spp.

T. malaysiensis of cats). It is a zoonotic disease, that is the parasite can spread from dog to man and so has great public health importance. is one of the common gastro … A total of 21 dogs (9.38 %) were positive for Toxocara spp. Toxocariasis in humans is caused by infection with larvae of Toxocara spp., which are common ascarid roundworms of mammals.Confirmed zoonotic species include the dog roundworm T. canis (presumed most common) and the cat roundworm T. cati (frequency not known).It is not known whether other closely-related Toxocara species can infect humans (e.g. Toxocara canis is worldwide-distributed helminth parasite of dogs and other canids.

Paradoxically, low levels of egg exposure are more successful for the establishment of patent infections in juvenile/adult dogs than large numbers of eggs. The incidence of the presence of Toxocara canis eggs in the faeces of the dogs sampled in this survey was 0.39% .

They live in the small intestine of the definitive host. In Argentina, 16.35% of 1944 fresh dog faecal samples collected from both urban and rural areas were positive for T. canis ( Soriano et al., 2010 ).

Toxocara canis is gonochoristic, adult worms measure from 9 to 18 cm, are yellow-white in color, and occur in the intestine of the definitive host.
Infections with Toxocara canis and T. cati in definitive animal hosts (i.e. Present communication reports the recurrent gastritis due to T. canis in a kennel with five dogs. Also, the prevalence of T. cati infection was up to 34.5% in Spain in this continent [46–49]. In this review the life cycles of these parasites are described, including the various routes of transmission, such as transplacental, transmammary infection, and infection through paratenic hosts. eggs.

Although it doesn’t commonly cause disease in adult dogs, symptoms can be severe in young puppies.


Toxocara canis (also known as dog roundworm) is worldwide-distributed helminth parasite of dogs and other canids. Toxocara spp. The faeces samples which were included in this survey did not come from a typical cross section of dogs. Dogs with history of recurrent vomitions and enteritis were presented to the clinic and examination revealed dullness, rough hair coat, tenesmus and passing foul smell diarrhoea. Toxocara canis (also known as dog roundworm) is a worldwide-distributed helminth parasite of dogs and other canids.The name is derived from the Greek word "toxon," meaning bow or quiver, and the Latin word "caro," meaning flesh. eggs were diagnosed in faeces using centrifugal flotation and sedimentation methods. Nijsse R(1), Ploeger HW, Wagenaar JA, Mughini-Gras L. Author information: (1)Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, Yalelaan 1, Postbus 80163, 3508 TD, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Toxocariasis is caused by members of the genus Toxocara, nematodes in the family Toxocaridae, superfamily Ascaridoidea. Toxocara canis is the dose-limiting parasite for pyrantel compounds in dogs. Now, there are several things you can do to help protect your health if your dog has roundworms.

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