The caterpillar Curran studied, the banded woolly bear, is the larval form of Pyrrharctia isabella, the Isabella tiger moth. They eat a very wide variety of herbaceous plants and grasses, and the leaves of a few trees.
Approximately 16 mm long.

Virginian Tiger Moth or Yellow Woolybear MothSpilosoma virginica (Fabricius, 1798) Virginian Tiger Moth or Yellow Woolybear Moth.
The orange and black woolly bear -- the young of the Isabella tiger moth, Pyrrharctia isabella -- is the most well-known. Thus, the width of the banding is an indicator of the current or past season's growth rather than an indicator of the severity of the upcoming winter. As far as the woolly bear caterpillar's travel goes, they are simply moving about in search for that perfect spot to curl up and spend the winter. The yellow woollybear is generally known by its larval stage, a large yellow-red to light brown caterpillar which can do substantial damage to host plants. This results in narrower red-orange bands in its middle. Appropriately, an alternate common name for S. virginica is Virginian tiger moth. The adult moths are moderate size with a wing span of 3.8-5.0 cm. Even though the name implies they are yellow, actual colouring can be from white, to beige, to yellow and even dark red and brown. The better the growing season is the bigger it will grow. Appearance.

This is usually under bark, a rock, or a fallen log.

Yellow woolly bear definition is - a woolly bear that is the larva of an ermine moth (Diacrisia virginica) and is predominantly yellow in color —called also yellow bear. The thirteen-segment larvae are usually covered with brown hair in their mid-regions and black hair in their anterior and posterior areas. It is entirely covered with bristles but it does not feel like a wool, rather has a spiky feel to it. These furry little guys eat all kinds of plants and weeds, which means that they can be found almost anywhere. About 0.6 mm in diameter. The yellow woollybear survives winter as a pupa within a cocoon, hidden amongst leaves and other plant debris on the soil surface. The larval stage is known as known as the Yellow Woolly Bear or Yellow Bear caterpillar. Although the species name of the yellow woolly bear (Spilosoma virginica) refers to the State of Virginia, this moth is found in wet forests and meadows throughout much of North America. The first European to describe it was James Edward Smith in 1797. Virginian Tiger Moth or Yellow Woolybear Moth Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius, 1798) Pyrrharctia isabella, the isabella tiger moth, banded woolly bear or just woollybear or woolly worm, occurs in the United States and southern Canada. The forewings are white with black spotting. No matter what the colour, the woolly bear name comes from long its covering of long hairs. They survive only a few days, hopefully long enough to mate and reproduce. Yellow Woolly Bear caterpillar on a beet leaf. You will need to provide your caterpillars with a solid habitat, feed them, and then release them into the wild once they turn into moths. brown, to yellow to nearly white. The larva has black patches at both the ends, it sometimes has reddish-brown patch in the middle, but that’s not always the case. Appearance - Moth is nearly … Female moths have white wings with a small dark spot in the center. Woolly bear caterpillars are covered with warm and fuzzy bristles. They're popularly captured and raised by schoolchildren all over North America. The adult moths eat nothing. The woolly bear caterpillar's coloring is based on how long caterpillar has been feeding, its age, and species. Appearance. Even though the name implies they are yellow, actual colouring can be from white, to beige, to yellow and even dark red and brown. Woolly bears, the caterpillar form of the Tiger Moth, are a well-known sign of spring in North America.These charmingly fluffy caterpillars can be raised to adults at home as an educational project for children, or simply for aesthetic pleasure. This medium-size moth, with yellowish-orange and cream-colored wings spotted with black, is common from northern Mexico throughout the United States and across the southern third of Canada.

The yellow woolly bear is the most common caterpillar in North America. Pest Profile Photo credit: Aaron Hunt, Common Name: Yellow woolly bear Scientific Name: Spilosoma virginica Order and Family: Lepidoptera, Erebidae Size and Appearance: Adult Egg Larva/Nymph Pupae (if applicable) Length (mm) Wingspan nearly 40mm. Fully grown caterpillar may be as long as 50 mm.

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