Russian researchers were among the first to start developing and studying activity theory in the early 1900s and this research has been applied to a number of topics. The activity theory is among three main psychosocial theories which explain how individuals develop in later years. Routine Activity Theory Routine Activity Theory. Activity theory is an approach to understanding human behavior by examining the social context of the behavior and the motivations of social pressures on people as they engage in activities. Routine activity theory, from Cohen and Felson (1979), emphasizes that crime occurs when three elements converge: (1) a motivated offender, (2) a suitable target, and (3) the absence of a capable guardian.This theory includes the routine activities of both offender and victim. People are socio-culturally embedded actors (not processors or system components). Philip P. Purpura, in Security and Loss Prevention (Sixth Edition), 2013.

Summary: Activity Theory is a framework or descriptive tool for a system. According to the activity theory of aging, older adults who remain active and are able to maintain their social interactions find the highest degrees of happiness in their lives. First developed by Robert Havighurst in 1961, the theory proposes that older adults maintain an optimal aging rate when they are able to continue pursuing activities and relationships which interest them. There exists a hierarchical analysis of motivated human action (levels of activity analysis). Another two psychosocial theories would be the disengagement theory, with which the activity comes to odds, as well as the continuity theory which changes and elaborates on the activity theory.

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