The remaining three candles of Advent may deal with the various parts of the Advent story. December 8, 2013.

No matter what sequence is used, the Scripture reading, prayers,… It’s the day we light the only pink candle on the Advent wreath—the Shepherds Candle.

These readings are designed to be read as you light a candle. {Light two purple candles then one pink.} This pink candle typifies the act of sharing Christ. Second Sunday in Advent.
ADVENT READING Third Sunday in Advent Shepherd Candle Introduction The third advent candle is traditionally called the Shepherd Candle.

The third candle is the Shepherd’s Candle - Joy The lighting of this candle is a reminder that God came for the most unlikely and insignificant people. Today we relight the first three candles of the Advent Wreath — the candles of HOPE, PEACE and JOY. Or Love, Joy, Peace. [Light the blue candle that was lit two weeks ago.]

Dr. Richard E. Miller. Advent Candle Readings Advent Candles The Birth Of Christ Birth Of Jesus Raising Godly Children Young Children Raising Boys 2 Advent Advent Prayers.

John the Baptist was a messenger of God. 1st CANDLE – (purple or blue) THE PROPHECY CANDLE or CANDLE OF HOPE.

Today we light the candle of the Shepherds, who were caught by surprise at the heavenly proclamation that God was in the process of revealing himself to the world in a new way.

Luke 2:8–14.

The fourth candle on the Advent wreath is called the Angels' candle. Daniel 4:13-17. Group 1: In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep. Advent Readings - The Angels Speak. The Shepherds of Advent This morning we’re going to look at the Shepherds of Advent.

The first candle of Advent is the Prophet’s candle or the Hope candle and it always focuses our hearts on the hope of the first Advent promised by the prophets. The Shepherd's Candle is the third candle which we light on the third Sunday in Advent. ]The remaining three candles of Advent may deal with the various parts of the Advent story. They met angels and babies, and told the whole town what they had seen. Today we relight the first two candles of the Advent wreath. Now we light the third candle of Advent. Advent Candle Lighting Readings The custom of lighting candles each week of Advent is familiar ... Each week’s reading for Advent and Christmas Eve contain ... shepherds, the outcasts of the day, to be the first to hear the news that Immanuel has come.

Grace Presbyterian Church.

We can have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises made to us. Alternatively, there may be three purple candles, reflecting the liturgical colour for Advent, with a pink candle for the Third Sunday, when rose-pink vestments are traditionally worn. As you light the second purple candle, SAY together: God’s promise came true through Jesus.

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