circuitFX. Free Upgrade for all PQ FUI Toys 2 customers! The circuit pattern is generated randomly with every button press. Pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable Fake User Interface assets, as editable After Effects comps.

Just search, browse and generate editable AE comps using the new Script UI panel, then customize parameters to make it your own. Add to Cart. Apart from the circuit lines and circles, circuitFX also creates, chips, resistors, and capacitors. circuitFX is a tool for After Effects designed to create graphical circuit boards. All elements are vector shapes, on separate layers allowing you to grab resolution independent interface elements and continue with your work. If you edit a script while After Effects is running, you must save your changes for the changes to be applied. Besides writng a complete plugin, there are two options to add UI-based add-ons to After Effects: a script with an UI panel (jsx or jsxbin file) an extension (mostly in a zxp container) Motionbro, the software that comes with Handy Seamless Transitions, is an extension. $49.00. The After Effects Script UI Kit includes radio buttons, checkboxes, templates for drop-downs, sliders, scrollbars, tabs and much more. If you place a script in the Scripts folder while After Effects is running, you must restart After Effects for the script to appear in the Scripts menu, though you can immediately run the new script using the Run Script File command.
It has the ability to put all of the needed parts in a single shape layer or create separate shape layers for each part of the board.
Video. Script UI Panel, brought to you by CompCode.

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