The French song that Welsh rugby fans made their own As Wales face les Bleus in the Six Nations, sing along with the rugby song … The Chelsea squad recorded it for the “Blue Is The Colour” album in 1972 with David Webb as the principal singer. Rugby Songs. These words were first published in the lewd “Rugby Songs” series of paperbacks in the 1960s. Alouette, gentille alouette! Alouette (Toet versie) Alouette, gentille AlouetteAlouette, gentille Alouet’How I love your curly hairHow I love your curly hairYour curly hair, your curly hairAlouette, Alouette, a-a-a-a-How I love: your Blutshite eyes your broken nose your yellow teeth your double chin your boomsie-booms your vette pens your hairy thingyour crossed kneesyour stinkin feet Your allouett! There is always time for a sing along... but can you ever remember all of the words to the classic rugby songs??? Sung to the tune of "Downtown." ... A favorite of upstate new york rugby. When your down and your broke, and your religion's a joke ... (This is a rugby variation of a popular song about a "young man".) I met a … The words "le tete"(the head) were the only ones I knew in English. The English translation of the French lyrics of "Alouette" is one of them. A "caller" leads the song with each line sung back by the crowd, with the last line of each verse, and the chorus, sung in unison. Since childhood I've loved this little song; it sounds so cheerful! What Do the Lyrics to the "Alouette" Song Mean in English? The three songs listed above are standards. Chelsea Alouette chant/song. Alouette (Sung to the tune of "Alouette") CHORUS: Alouette, gentille Alouette. Jesus was always our opening in college. "Chelsea Alouette" is a call and response song regularly heard in pubs but much less commonly in grounds. Fear our Mascot at is here to lend a helping hand! I thought Alouette must be the name of a person, and a "jaunty" one at that.

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