Sentence #2 is grammatically incorrect. You can use "also" at the beginning of a sentence to introduce more information to a previous fact, for instance: "The economy in the USA is going through rough times these days. Also , on the other hand, when it occurs at the beginning of a sentence, is a conjunctive adverb of more than one syllable and needs a comma. Word or phrase that shows relationship between ideas. So we can fix this sentence by using two different verbs after not only and but also.

Nabokov also uses "and" to begin a sentence Nabokov used and at the beginning of a sentence, too. Sentence #3 is somewhat gauche but it means that "someone" whose identity is inferred has also eaten your porridge on top of something else. Starting a sentence with also It is acceptable to begin a sentence with also. 1. Can you quickly and easily improve your writing?

Nabokov also uses "and" to begin a sentence Nabokov used and at the beginning of a sentence, too. It sounds awkward to put it in the beginning of that particular sentence. So you can say, “He not only ate the pizza, but also drank the soda.” I hope you can see that when you use not only and but also like this the two parts of the sentence need to be parallel so … The main clause can come first or last; if it comes last, you need a comma. A main clause is something that could be a complete sentence by itself.

BEGINNING OF SENTENCE. Similar to the other causative connectors in this group, it can be used to link reasonswith results, with the meaning of "For this reason"or "Because of this/that". Also, many employees are being laid off". Aside from packing, there was also decorating to be done. Sentence (b) I, also, think that it is very expensive suggests that someone else has already expressed this opinion. Usually used at the start of a sentence. As with because, there is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with however, but the new sentence should always relate to the sentence preceding it (e.g., do not begin a sentence with however at the beginning of a new paragraph). Yes, the comma is required when "also" appears at the beginning of the sentence. It's very stylistic and seems to confer a sarcastic meaning. While it may not be an error, starting sentences with these words does sometimes seem melodramatic. 291. ... She is also beginning to realize that she is not like other children. Using conjunctions at the beginning of sentences is not forbidden. Though too would rarely be used at the beginning of a sentence, if it were, it would not take a comma after it.

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