Free Finger Charts for Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe & Bassoon Click on the images below to print your free fingering charts for saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe and bassoon. Composer: Composed: Duration: mins. Free Alto & Tenor Saxophone Fingering Chart. Posted on July 15, 2010 by Admin • 0 Comments. These are different to “false” or alternate fingering which actually alternate from one to the other and back again and are used to create a special effect. 1. Please check your email and follow the instructions. If you search the internet, you’ll find countless examples. GM T Eb 1—— ——— Good for alto. Connects well to A3-1, Bb3-1, B3-1 and C4-1. When you’re testing different fingerings, sometimes you have to compromise as well. They work on my Yanagisawa saxophones.They also work on my Selmer Mark VI If you are using a different fingering or you find a different fingering that you prefer by all means use that one.. These are my altissimo fingerings that I use. I have deliberately omitted fingerings using harmonics overtones. The fingering charts for Tenor Saxophone in standard band method books do not show how the octaves are related, and are spread across two pages. Followed by an octave key F sharp. Tweet; Some alternate fingerings are designed for fast passages, while others modify the tone, color, or pitch at normal and extreme dynamic levels.

The fingerings on the provided saxophone fingering chart will most likely be the fingerings you use 90-100% of the time. When you’re testing different fingerings, sometimes you have to compromise as well.

Lower Altissimo – Alternate Fingering Chart for Saxophone – The Woodwind Fingering Guide This chart also has a handy "Pinky Key" chart. Fingering and Trill Charts for every instrument. Stable and good pitch. This saxophone fingering chart allows Alto, Tenor, and Bari Sax students to quickly find any note on their instruments.

Main fingering. flutechart.pdf: File Size: 114 kb: File Type: pdf All the tone exercises on the site and lots more Buy Now. Finding the Altissimo Fingerings That Work for You. This fingering chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives that are more appropriate in some passages. When a note can be made by several alternate fingerings, they should be depicted as well as the standard fingering. Download a free PDF Alto Tenor Saxophone Fingering Chart. Other charts show the notes in a horizontal form. Fingering chart – Altissimo register. CLARINET FINGERING CHART WWW.JUSTFORWINDS.COM 1349 South Main Street Cedartown, GA 30125 800.873.9798 F w or A C# Db # bw F w A # bw C# Db or F F C # Db A E w or ____ G# b Ab #wbw C E G# Ab # bw or Keys in red indicate optional fingerings. Right click and do a "Save link as..." to download a PDF of each finger chart to your computer. In addition to those on the internet, there are also several saxophone fingering charts available in various saxophone method books. Whether you play an alto saxophone, tenor saxophone or any others, the range is the same for all saxophone, therefor, the saxophone fingering chart shown below applies to every type of saxophone. Woodwinds Flute Fingering Chart. In this video, I'm going to show you 7 different alternate fingerings that as a saxophone player you should know! On this page I have only included the most common fingerings and a couple of alternative fingerings for the standard range.

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