Anger Management Activities for Kids: 30 Activities & Strategy Cards + 14 Anger Games + 2 Anger Worksheets. This post is for you if you have been asking yourself some of these questions: Cool Down and Work Through Anger by Cheri J. Meiners: In this book, Amazon says,"children learn that it is okay to feel... Anger Sandwiches: In this activity provided by, students can create their own anger sandwiches… Surf the Angry Sea - A CBT exercise where you have kids picture their anger as a wave an teach them to "ride the wave" instead of letting it crash over them and wipe them out. As counselors, it can be tempting to create a behavior plan, practice some deep breathing with the student, and give their teacher a list of strategies. High school students are in a complicated stage of life, characterized by emotional ups and downs, complex friendship issues and physical changes. Voila, anger management intervention. Anger Management Activities - The School Counseling Files. This can include: Walking away: If something is making you feel angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to take a break from... Rose and candle breathing: There are several breathing techniques that can help people manage anger…
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A school anger management program is a well-designed program that would help students deal with their emotions, especially anger. Finding anger management activities for kids that work well is essential when your child (or one of your students) has anger management problems.

Then, to build group rapport, we play a get-to-know-you game called Whoonu. Activities and games not only engage interest, inform, and provide insights, but they also help the group members to bond and trust each other. One way to facilitate this peer-group learning is by creating activities and games to keep group members on topic. Anger Management. Let’s take a look at just three of the skills and brainstorm some ideas for how to teach them to students in an engaging way.

I pre-sort the cards to have the best matches for my group. One of the most negative emotions that we could ever have is anger, it can cloud your judgment and can make you do things that could potentially hurt others and yourself. I’d love to hear about activities … For anger management group or individual counseling, each lesson introduces a new skill and continues to build previously introduced skills. In a later session (after we've talked about triggers), I have them paint or Draw their own Wave of Emotion or wave of anger… - K-5 grades We begin with a review of the rules and purpose of the group (anger management).
This 12 page Anger Management Pack sells for $3.00 Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

You may also like this end-of year School Memories Paper Folding Activity. Students may need help reading the cards, so I always jump in and help so that no student feels uncomfortable.

Elementary School: Anger - "When Sophia Gets Angry-Really-Really Angry - Lesson plan; Anger Management Strategies - strategies to help students deal with anger ; Controlling Anger - These activities go along with a video that can be bought at the site, but they can also be used as a stand-alone activity. Anger management groups can be a highly-effective way for people to learn from each other. Teachers and students must be aware that an anger management class takes many sessions. Additionally, there is a two-page activity for students to practice creating I-messages along with eight posters to use which illustrate each of the strategies. Many of the students I have seen for counseling have been referred because they are struggling to control themselves when they get angry.

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