Ok, sometimes in mines the hallow spawns, if there is any hallow in the underground, let it spread onto the land. I'd say this is a good set up for any artificial biomes. The music and background should automatically change after all the grass has spreaded. Added in 1.4. If you need a desert for water leaf farming (or something else entirely), I would suggest starting a new world and using that desert to do whatdver you need, and then going ahead and … A guide on how to make artificial biomes in Terraria.

2.Create an artificial biome of hallow, just put about 80 (or was it 200?) Outdoor Essentials Faux Rock, Tan, X-Large ... A realistic artificial boulder gives you more landscaping options than a real one-it's big enough to hide a multitude of yard eyesores (such as well heads, utility boxes and tree stumps) and it's easy to relocate. The Underground Hallow features several mobs unique to its environment, all of which naturally give off light. This biome is defined by the presence of large amounts of Pearlstone Block within the underground layer. It counts as an underground jungle, I think. The world's in hardmode and I want the cursed flames spell, so I placed some ebonstone in a cave and, slowly but surely, it turned into underground corruption. You will need at least 80 Mud Blocks with Jungle grass on them to make this biome. I might need to try it myself. HiddenPants. I've had some issues with being unable to catch the mushroom and underground tundra quest fish, but other than those two glips this works well. One in the Hallow overworld, one in the Hallow underground. Terraria Hallow and Corruption Farm!
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Overworld Snow If there is still nothing, I think you may need to make an artificial hallow biome. A typical Underground Hallow biome. When you first enter hardmode there are plenty of items you can collect straight away! \o/ I think putting the mushroom box underground and removing the underground hallow overlap would fix those. Underground Hallow area, Pearlstone, and some Torches for lighting the area. @YiJang it isn't possible to create a desert biome AFAIK unless you drain an ocean. well I would suggest two ways: the most natural would be to destroy demon altars and bring more hallow/corruption to the world. Add some rows that your character can walk on, and you'll have a Crystal Shard Farm. There is a Hallow Pylon so it makes sense to build a town in the hallow, several NPCs also prefer to live there. When you found an area where you can see some Crystal Shards growing, clear out an area and make a good size square out of your Pearlstone. Added in 1.4 is two new bosses. Does Plantera get enraged if you break it's bulb there though? Also even though your biomes gets destroyed you can always restore them. Build I made a artificial all in one fishing spot (forest, ice, jungle, mushroom, crimson, corruption) that involves placing biome blocks on either side of me to trigger different biome change within 20 blocks of range, when moving left or right on flat surface.

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