The names of Baby P and Victoria Climbie have become synonymous with the most horrific child abuse, but also with attempts to reform the system so fewer tragedies happen in the future.

Care Quality Commission: Review of the involvement and action taken by health bodies in relation to the case of Baby P 3 Introduction On 3 August 2007 at 11.30am, the mother of a 17-month old boy, Baby P, called the London Ambulance Service. Excessive record keeping will not help avoid another Baby P case - unless there is understanding behind the bureaucracy, say Sue White, Karen Broadhurst, Chris Hall and Dave Wastell
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It’s about reflecting not only about what happened but why. 2 The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report – A child-centred system Acknowledgements A wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds and professions have contributed to this review, and I am most grateful to them for providing me with the evidence and insights that underpin this report. experience for the individual” (Ashby, 2006 p.28). Collaborative good practice between LAs and the FE sector Tami McCrone, Clare Southcott and Kelly Evans ... the impact of the Baby Peter case on applications for care orders v Acknowledgements.

On arrival, the paramedics took Baby P to North Middlesex University Hospital. It also guides our decision making. Keeping a reflective journal can help you to. Marianne Fairley-Murdoch is a lecturer and practice educator at the University of Stirling and NHS Education for Scotland References.

The death of Baby P resulted in yet another enquiry into child welfare services in 2009 by Lord Laming. Reflective practice is ‘learning through and from experience towards gaining new insights of self and practice’ (Finlay, 2008). After reading it, you understand the core of this management and self-reflection tool. She remembers referrals flooding in as other agencies classed more cases as child protection, terrified of missing “another Baby P”. Reflective practice can also help you to develop creative thinking skills, and encourages active engagement in work processes. The process of reflection is a cycle which needs to be repeated. Reflective Practice. Reflective practice is vital to the nursing profession.
Sarah, a children’s social worker, was working in a child protection team in England when the Baby P furore hit its peak.

Reflective practice is learning from everyday situations and issues and concerns that arise which form part of our daily routine while working in an early childhood setting. Reflective practice can be a shared activity: it doesn’t have to be done alone. Reflective practice done well, is an easy and effective way to do this. Open University Press; 2010

Defensive practice as ‘fear-based practice’: the influence of emotions and organisational culture . The ‘Baby P effect’ The impact was felt across the frontline. This article explains the Gibbs Reflective Cycle by Graham Gibbs in a practical way. Laming slated social services in the enquiry claiming that “inadequate training” and “poor supervision” were included in the reasons for the failings within the case of Baby P (The Telegraph, 2009). This may explain why we are motivated to announce a particular insight out loud, even when by ourselves! Indeed, some social psychologists have suggested that learning only occurs when thought is put into language, either written or spoken. It can be done on paper or on a computer. It’s a concept that, as Jootun and Mcgarry (2014) notes, has been well documented as a strategy for personal and professional growth since the 1980s, and it’s here to stay. • Teach • Self-assess the effect your teaching has had on learning • Consider new ways of teaching which can improve the quality of learning • Try these ideas in practice • Repeat the process . Baby P: Quality reflective practice and supervision needed By Rhian Stone on November 18, 2008 in Child safeguarding , Children The missing link in the Victoria Climbié Inquiry returns to haunt us in the Baby P case, says safeguarding expert Rhian Stone (pictured) In this assignment, I will talk about the baby P case.

The Benefits of Reflective Practice. 'Baby P' council is in the dock again: Judge blasts Haringey social workers who exposed boys to known paedophile - as he condemns 'deep malaise' at … While clinical reflective practice might seem an abstract concept with an ill‐defined process, …

This article contains a downloadable and editable Gibbs Reflective Cycle template.. What is the Gibbs Reflective Cycle? Methods for reflective practice Reflective journals. Reflective practice has huge benefits in increasing self-awareness, which is a key component of emotional intelligence, and in developing a better understanding of others. Although there is little evidence based information of the benefits of reflective practice (Schutz, 2007), there are many benefits pertaining to reflective practice and resulting in a holistic patient approach and therefore nurses are able to provide better care. Open University Press; 2017. Key findings ... the Baby Peter case and give a number of different … Defensive practice is a form of fear-based practice—fear of what might happen and the need to cover yourself just in case (Participant 19, Group 2).

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