The backstroke.

It helps strengthen heart and lungs while toning thighs, upper back, triceps, hamstrings and lower legs.
Shawn Gerber. Below is a video in slow-motion demonstrating backstroke: Welcome back to the last and final segment of our Backstroke series.

Coach. Swimming is an exercise for people of all ages. The steps below will help you learn how to swim using the backstroke swimming technique. Like the spoiled youngest child in the family, the freestyle swim stroke gets a lot of attention despite having some pretty awesome siblings. The backstroke is a swimming style swum using the back when the swimmer is lying flat on the back while the arms are stretched above your head and the legs stretched backward. Backstroke arms provide the power and drive when swimming on the back, so correct technique is a must. First and foremost, it can break up even the most dull of training sessions. August 5, 2019 at 3:12 pm You should swim backstroke says John wood, as swimming backstroke in training has several benefits. The health benefits of swimming are many. Not only do low-impact workouts like swimming allow injured athletes stay fit while taking it easy on their joints, but it may also mean more results, one of the key benefits of swimming: "You can swim at higher intensities on a regular basis without feeling wear and tear on your body," says Walton. 1. Swimming has many more benefits that those obvious advantages seen on the surface; its improvements to overall health go much deeper. The slight hip rotation helps to strengthen the core in a way the other strokes do not. Another benefit of swimming backstroke regularly is the work it does on the core. There are two possible arm actions for backstroke: Breathing in backstroke is very easy, as the mouth and nose are usually over water. Competitive strokes that require a face-down position in the pool use your pectoralis major as the primary driver to propel your ... Legs. Learning how to swim backstroke faster requires a lot of patience determination and practice. Swimming Basics: A Beginners' Guide to the Backstroke. The backstroke is, as the name suggests, the only one of the four competitive swimming strokes swum on the back.. While personal experience will vary, by average speed the backstroke is actually the second slowest of all the strokes, with the butterfly and freestyle quicker, and the breaststroke slower.. The backstroke start is the only start from the water. Swimming Injuries. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the backstroke, from its history, how to swim it properly, and much more. 5 Reasons to Flip to Backstroke Improves your posture: Backstroke is a great exercise to reverse the effects of time spent on the computer. Variety is always a good thing to keep you motivated and moving well. Back and Chest. Competitive swimmers breathe in through the mouth during the recovery of one arm, and breathe out through the mouth and nose during the pull and push phase. So, let’s take a big breath, and dive into the 10 benefits of swimming: 1. It can be easy and inexpensive, and a person can go at their own pace. Undulating-stroke events include breaststroke and butterfly. Muscles Used for Swimming the Backstroke. Swimming backstroke is an excellent exercise to loosen up and strengthen the back. This is done to clear the nose of water. But which technique works best for you? They all, for example, generate motion by using the arms, legs and torso. The backstroke uses a combination of the kicking motions used in the freestyle and butterfly strokes. Endurance Sports, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning. Swim meet directors sort swimming events based on the stroke used to move through the water. If you haven’t read Part’s 1-3, I’d highly recommend going back and reading them. Swimmers gain muscle strength throughout the entire body.

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