This style of squat removes axial loading and instead, places load in front of body allowing more upright torso position. If you don’t have a big squat, you ain’t squat. It has been used at Westside Barbell for years by many of the top lifters in the world as an integral part of their training. The Zercher Squat requires a lifter to place a barbell within the crooks of the elbows, often picked up from the floor or a low rack. It can be used for both zercher squats and zercher deadlifts. The zercher harness is an invaluable tool in any serious strength arsenal. Everyone knows that we box squat. The squat has always been referred to as the king of all lifts. Louie Simmons commits on the benefits of Zercher Squats:

It’s the best and safest way to squat. "Zercher" refers to the placement of the bar.

I can Zercher squat more than I front squat.

Strength coach/author Jason Brown did a 395lbs Zercher squat at a body weight of 200, which is more than his max front squat. Zercher Squat Exercise Guide – Set Up Step 2. At Westside, we have three lifters who squat more than 1100 pounds and 12 who squat more than 1000.

It can also be used for GPP by loading a bar on the zerch And I’ve used the Zercher squat with enough clients to know that this is the norm, not the exception. The Zercher squat was created by strongman Ed Zercher in the 1930s. Upright Torso. Zercher Squat was created by Ed Zercher, a strongman from 1930s. Because you hold the barbell relatively low, in the crooks of your elbows, the exercise puts less pressure on your spine than the barbell squat and front squat, making it a suitable alternative if you suffer from back pain. With the barbell in that position, you can either squat down with it (Zercher squat), walk with it (Zercher carry), bend over like a Romanian deadlift (Zercher good morning), or … You hold it in the crook of your elbows, cradling it on your torso.

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