During play the players take turns is making a shot at the opponent, by calling out the coordinates of a square (eg D5). The opponent responds with "hit" if it hits a ship or "miss" if it misses. How to play Battleship game goal. Battleship Printable – Printable Battleship Game The classic battleship game in printable PDF format. Sink all your partner’s ships by taking turns at guessing the locations of the other player’s ships on a grid. The Battleship rules on successfully sinking a ship are as follows: Carrier – 5 hits, Battleship – 4 hits, Cruiser – 3 hits, Submarine – 3 hits, Destroyer – 2 hits. The Battleship game is a traditional pen and paper game which became popular in 1930.
On the bottom half of your paper, draw a grid for each player in the game except for yourself. Set up The famous 80’s pencil and paper board game can be a lot of fun to play with friends or family.

If the player has hit the last remaining square of a ship the opponent must announce the name of the ship; eg "You sank my battleship". Printable Battleship game board PDF file. These grids will get progressively shorter – the first column is 4 rows high, then the … You then announce which ship has sunk.
Get the printable PDF file with the Battleship game board here. Once all holes on a ship have been filled with red pegs, your ship has sunk and must be removed from the ocean.

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