W231 should be another good choice. I'm loading 9mm 115gr LRN using Hodgdon Titegroup. On the other hand, N320, though it meters well and it is a really clean, it is not the most accurate powder I have ever tried. N320 porous handgun and shotgun powder. Charge. Unlike Hodgdon, Alliant Powder provides reloading data for revolvers, but also only provides reloading data for centerfire rifle and handgun loads. I would try N320 and N330 as well, depending on the bullet you select, particularly for USPSA or IDPA. Bullseye, Unique and 231 come to mind. The Hornady Lock and Load Powder Measure is one of the most advanced and versatile powder measures on the market today.

Any recommendation would be appreciated, as I can get a pound of powder … We discovered that we had to fine-tune the adjustment for a while before we could reach the powder weight that we wanted. Im new to this great hobby and on top of it all pistol powders are hard to find. This is needed because the barrel of a handgun is shorter, so the explosion needs to be completed in about six inches. Power Pro™ 300-MP (Magnum Pistol) Smokeless spherical magnum pistol powder. Unlike Hodgdon, Alliant Powder provides reloading data for revolvers, but also only provides reloading data for centerfire rifle and handgun loads. Of the powders you have mentioned, I have seen really good accuracy using WSF. From a purely economical perspective. The following is a list of common powder granule shapes. As you gain skill and understanding of the process, branch out and try other powders. At the outset, the Lil' Powder was designed to solve a problem for .410 shotgun shells.
I general, I found the best accuracy at 50 yards for the 125-125 grain at about 1050 fps using medium burn rate powder and about 90% case fill. For example I reload 9mm, 38sp/357mag, 45acp, and 45 colt. and it's accurate. The best powder measure for the money has the charge capacity you need to get optimum results. Pistol Powder. Designed for high performance in semi-automatic pistols and is the powder of choice for 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. ... As mentioned above there are many powders that work well in the 9mm, from fast pistol to medium burn pistol loads. (progressive loader btw) The above is my experience w/my pistols. All I know about are the main ones .AA#2 AA#5 red dot win 231 unique. It’s designed for the handgun shooter who wants a dependable powder measure. The shape of the granules are a part of how the powder is manufactured, and will impact burning characteristics, and metering. This has become one of the go-to powders for most gun owners and enthusiasts.

You can determine the powder’s weight by adjusting a rotating meter.

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