Biosphere Reserve (BR) is an international designation by UNESCO for representative parts of natural and cultural landscapes extending over large area of terrestrial or coastal/marine ecosystems or a combination thereof. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves , currently comprising 669 sites/regions designated by UNESCO in 120 countries since 1976, is a unique global network explicitly linking sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. The first biosphere reserves date from 1976. 199. OUR VISION is a world where people are conscious of their common future and their interactions with the planet, and act collectively and responsibly to build thriving societies in harmony within the biosphere. All Banking/SSC/RRB Content @ Rs. What is a Biosphere Reserve? In 2014 there were already 631 all over the world. As per the updated records of the government of India, there is a total of 18 biosphere reserves in our country. List Of the 18 Biosphere Reserves in India PDF: This list covers all the 18 Biosphere Reserves in India with their location & 11 Biosphere Reserves included in the UNESCO World Network Of Biosphere Reserves. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves of the MAB Programme consists of a dynamic and interactive network of sites of excellence. Countries Biosphere Reserve Year of designation Periodic Reviews ALGERIA* BENIN 3 biosphere reserves Pendjari 1986 1999; 2015 'W' Region. UNESCO biosphere reserves are ideal places to test, evaluate and implement comprehensive climate change policies.
Download The List Of 18 Biosphere Reserves in India PDF. The plan is to promote management, research and education in ecosystem conservation.This includes the 'sustainable use of natural resources'. These biosphere reserves often include one or more National Parks and Reserves, along buffer zones that are open to some economic uses. Would you like to know them? Find out the list of Biosphere Reserves in India in India which is very useful for the preparation of competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.

Biosphere Reserves are excellent locations to examine how to implement the SDGs, Aichi Targets and other agreements on the ground. Find the list of Biosphere Reserves in India with name, year of establishment, state, areas covered and other detail information. A biosphere reserve is a ecosystem with plants and animals of unusual scientific and natural interest. The Indian government has established 18 biosphere reserves in India.
There are 79 biosphere reserves in 29 countries in Africa. Biosphere Reserves are areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystems which are internationally recognized within the framework of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme. Sites on the World Heritage List are cultural, natural or mixed properties recognized by the World Heritage Committee has being of outstanding universal value. 199. Biosphere reserves are ‘learning places for sustainable development’. The top five countries with the highest number of biosphere reserves in the region include Russia Federation, the US, Spain, Canada, and Bulgaria. The MAB programme and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR) serve this vision through biosphere reserves and beyond. List of Biosphere Reserves of India.

There are 651 biosphere reserves in 120 countries, including 15 transboundary sites. Sites on the World Heritage List are cultural, natural or mixed properties recognized by the World Heritage Committee has being of outstanding universal value. It is a label given by UNESCO to help protect the sites.

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