20 - Class Package $ 320. The meaning of Black Coral also includes energy balancing. First Month Unlimited $ 99. 5 - Class Package $ 95. Often black coral is freshly blown onto South Florida’s beaches with little or no damage and with the calcareous outer shell (spicules) still clinging to the limbs. First 3 Classes $ 58. Choose Plan. Choose Plan. At the core value of Black Coral, Inc. lies the strong belief that integrity and customer services we provide are paramount to our work ethics. It has been believed that Black Coral changes negative energies such as anxiety and sorrow into positive energies. Single Class $ 24. The gemstone is popular as a talisman to protect you from being stuck in negativity. I’ll have a go at answering this question, but you all must understand there are many many variables in determining the value of black coral ranging from the kind of coral it is, to the color (yes there are many colors of black coral), where it came from and whats been done with it to name a few.

1 - Month Unlimited $ 165. Black Coral is a leading online fashion boutique, for fun fashionable women who want the latest and best clothing and accessories. Shipping available worldwide! Class Packages. Choose Plan. Unlimited Packages. Black Coral is processed and used as a bracelet or a necklace. 10 - Class Package $ 180. Just like its exceedingly unique namesake, Black Coral, Inc. is a premier standard embodying the rarest and most precious of qualities. Choose Plan. 1st month is prorated. 1- Week Unlimited $ 70. Black Coral ranks as the most valuable and rare of the coral gemstones. 1 - Year Unlimited $ 1,395. Larry asked the value of some black coral he found in an estate. Black coral can be found caught in the rocks of breakwaters, tangled with seaweed or fishing lines at the water line or just lying on the beach. Membership $ 135.

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