With triangular head, long tang, raised central midrib and two short barbs, one of which broke off in antiquity.

Bronze Age Leaf-Shaped Spearhead.

Large 8 1/2 inch ancient bronze age spear head spearhead Luristan circa.1000.B.C. The weapon displays the casting fault on the midrib. Garry Edwards Antiquities at the Antiques Centre York, Yorkshire, UK.

Some had midribs, part- or full-length, many did not. (Left to Right: 11613/1487, 11614/1487, 11861/1571, 56432/22174, 11615/1487, 48414/15407, 2135, 11619/1487, 2234) View product $ 313.77 Iron Celtic Spearhead. Sku:AH-6126. Fine condition.

The Roman javelin was called a
View product $ 345.14 Luristan Bronze Spear head. The weapon displays the casting fault on the midrib. View product $ 564.78 Large Celtic Spearhead.

Price: ... Our Greek Spearhead and Buttcap set are made from solid bronze and ready to mount on a spear pole.

Minimal signs of usage, really VGC.

Nice bronze arrowhead. Tax €73,51 €66,16

Prominent Celtic periods include the Hallstatt culture, beginning from as early as the late Bronze age in 1200 B.C. splendid rare bronze age tool sidearm knife blade with rivets 3000 y.o re165 £175.00 Make offer - SPLENDID RARE BRONZE AGE TOOL SIDEARM KNIFE BLADE WITH RIVETS 3000 Y.O re165 Petrified wood remains inside the socket! £ 530 - 700. The British Bronze Age produced a number of ‘artefact types’ which are often unearthed by metal detectorists and archaeologists alike.

View product $ 370.24 Luristan Bronze Spearhead. 1600 - 1200 BC A nice Bronze Age Aegean cast spear head with a mid ridge. Arrow head Late Bronze Age, Rare find in Britian, probably based on flint barbed and tanged arrow heads Length 4.7cm, BASAL-LOOPED SPEARHEAD Classic Irish spearhead Length 41cm EWART PARK (BUDGET VERSION) Classic leaf shaped blade from the late Bronze Age. 1-30 of 37 results Page 1 of 2. although the name refers to a region in mali this item is from niger. Stretching predominantly across the Iron and Medieval ages, the Celts were an Indo-European group of people, with varying identities and language disparities. Prehistoric, Bronze Age Bronze Used in excellent condition.

Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Spears and javelins. If the item did not conform to the lot description in the sale, U.S. buyers may return the item for a full refund provided you notify Jasper52 within 5 days of receiving the item. Some of these artifacts show signs of being hammered on the butt end, perhaps for the purpose of splitting logs.

US$ 650 - 850.

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