If there were any plan in the universe at all, if there were any pattern in a human life, surely it could be discovered mysteriously latent in those lives so suddenly cut off. In order to defend himself, Brother Juniper must tell the tale of the Bridge of San Luis Rey, which begins the day that he witnesses the tragedy near his mountainside church. Plot Summary. Brother Juniper, a witness to the tragedy, dedicates himself to discovering why those five perished. Brother Juniper, a monk who witnesses their deaths, ponders whether their death is the result of divine providence or merely unseeing fate. Thornton Wilder's The Bridge of San Luis Rey won the Pulitzer Prize in 1927. Thornton Wilders 1925 novel, about an act of fate that claims the lives of five people, was one of the most celebrated literary works of the early 20th century and won the Pulitzer prize. Complicated, convoluted questions, even for skeptics, raised by this slim, but intense, and beautifully written novel, The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Set in colonial Peru in the early 18th century, The Bridge of San Luis Rey interweaves the stories of five people who die when an ancient rope bridge breaks and sends them plunging into a gulf. One is about the search for meaning after a fatal bridge collapse in Peru, the other about life in a small New Hampshire town.

Juniper uses his findings to write a book. In den Hauptrollen sind Lynn Bari , Akim Tamiroff und Francis Lederer zu sehen, in tragenden Rollen Alla Nazimova , Louis Calhern und Donald Woods . The Bridge of San Luis Rey is a 1944 drama film made by Benedict Bogeaus Productions and released by United Artists.It was produced and directed by Rowland V. Lee with Benedict Bogeaus as co-producer. Take the Quiz: The Bridge of San Luis Rey. The Bridge of San Luis Rey is thought to be a work that served as a major contributor to the birth of the “disaster” genre where disparate people have their lives brought together by some sort of catastrophe. The Bridge of San Luis Rey is a beautifully written book full of eternal questions. The bridge collapse is witnessed by Brother Juniper, a Franciscan friar who was in … This short (148 pgs) novel begins with the collapse of a footbridge in Peru, where several people die. Directed by Mary McGuckian. — Brother Juniper. The Spanish Inquisition is underway, and Brother Juniper's book has been deemed heretical for its questioning of Fate and God's will. In 1714 Peru, a friar is tried by the Inquisition for questioning God's intentions when five die in the collapse of an Andean rope bridge. When Brother Juniper sees the bridge fall, he sets out to find out if the people who perished on the bridge were destined to die, or if they had done something that led to their deaths. Complicated, convoluted questions, even for skeptics, raised by this slim, but intense, and beautifully written novel, The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

Five people die in a Peruvian bridge collapse.

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