Brown eyes are like the cuddles of a coco teddy bear- snuggling, inviting, and unquestionable at comforting and calming you. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed. Contents hide 1 Words to describe brown eyes 2 Ways for green eyes 3 Words to describe blue eyes. Curls have more fun. Eyes are the windows to the soul. You act like you ' re this hardcore, don ' t-mess-with-me type, but inside you ' … Brown eyes symbol the chestnut horse's gate, wild and free and untamed in its natural state. Words to describe brown eyes … While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color brown as listed here, if brown is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. Personality Color Brown. 4 Describe beautiful eyes in one word So many people have beautiful colorful eyes. Apparently, those with brown eyes are more likely to be friendly, outgoing and practical. Yes. True? or at least that’s the personality trait that people most often associate with curly hair.

People with curls are more likely to be seen as wild, exciting and energetic.

What Does Your Hair Reveal About Your Personality?

Dark Brown Eyes.

There are so many words and ways to describe beautiful eyes; some of them are described below. Your eyes reveal way more about your personality than you might think, especially their color. Most people living in Africa and Asia have dark brown eyes.

Keep scrolling to find out what they mean. Brown eyes are more common worldwide than any other eye color. Brown eyes are the color of nurturing, soft passion, and a color taken for granted by those too picky. Absolutely. Straight, wavy or curly.

Trustworthy-Looking Face Meets Brown Eyes., PLoS ONE, 8 (1) e53285.

A wavy hairstyle is viewed as a fun personality too. New research suggests there are many links found between personality traits and the color of a person's eyes. But the prevalence of brown eyes varies significantly with geography. But …

Cliché? Dark brown eye color also is very common in the Middle East.

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