Some chord forms have been assigned two names. The C …

You may also read the Benefits of the CAGED System in order to better comprehend what you will be reading in this article. It takes advantage of 5 simple open chord shapes: C – A – G – E – D that’ll allow you to break out of the cycle of playing what you’re used to. In this lesson we tackle the parent shape of the CAGED system; its correlating major chord, arpeggio, pentatonic & major scales. While the positions change between different keys (i.e., where your hand starts, whether it be higher or lower on the neck), the shape of the scale does not change. Video Cliffs: 0:08 – Introduction 7:05 – How the “CAGED” System Works 7:45 – The “C Shape” 9:30 – The “A Shape” 10:35 – The “G Shape” 11:40 – The “E Shape” 12:15 – The “D Shape” 13:18 – The “Am Shape” 13:35 – The “Em Shape” 13:57 – The “Dm Shape” 14:45 – How to Apply “CAGED” to your Playing. The Mystery of the “CAGED” System A great example of this, is the two standard bar chord shapes that you probably already know. CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24 433; 27; Lesson by: Forums. As I promised you in the CAGED System article now I am going to show you the caged system minor shapes and how to have fun playing with it. CAGED System – The C Shape – Lesson 24 Lesson by:

Be creative and give the CAGED system a try. You can do this for any scale you want I've been using the caged system for years and never knew it was called caged .

These are the 6th string root note E major bar chord shape and the 5th string root note A major bar chord shape. You can memorize 5 scale patterns that are each good in all 12 major keys.

Syn's tips. Overall, the CAGED system helps “crack the code” of learning where certain notes are located all along your guitar’s fretboard. Hopefully now you are starting to see the endless array of possibilities there are with this simple concept.

See if you recognise the open position chords that you probably learned as a beginner.

So without further ado, here are the minor shapes of the CAGED System The CAGED system divides the guitar neck into manageable chunks based around five different chord shapes – the chord shape of C, the chord shape of A, and the chord shapes of G, E and D. Look at these barre chord shapes. Lesson Discussion thread.

Beginner ... now find all the places on the neck where you can find these notes and that's the caged system for the C major scale.

Welcome to the Family. CAGED Scales are movable (by sliding the shape up or down frets), and can be used in any key.

C Major shown in C Shape of CAGED System C Major Scale in all 5 CAGED Shapes Red note indicates C tonic root position and green circled notes indicate remaining chord tones of 3rd (E), and 5th (G). In order to better harmonize the CAGED system with the theory of harmony, the system has been extended slightly. The next step for getting a grasp of the CAGED sequence is understanding that all these open chord shapes are moveable. Lessons.

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