to keep the game one that we can replay ourselves or share with our family and friends. Jump to: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, Matt bought a copy of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 a few months back and we thought we'd document our journey through the game as we play so you can compare and contrast your own stories that evolved out of the box! Can you play Pandemic Legacy more than once?

So in our Pandemic game, we’ve had some awful rounds and some great ones.

On the other hand, people have also noticed the similarities between Pandemic Legacy and the Coronavirus outbreak. Each round you play represents a month of in-game time.

Their is no intrinsic reason for campaign-style Pandemic play to be single use!

Z-man could easily offer a version that can be played more than once. Well, at this point in time, a large number of fans have appreciated the Pandemic Legacy game and how it helps up to bond with our family and friends. Once you start a session of Pandemic Legacy, it will consume your gaming thoughts and time.

Fitting as an amazing follow up to both Pandemic and Risk Legacy, all I can say is the hype is real. Legacy is slightly more difficult than the original, because you have to take into account future games as well as the current game.

If you haven’t played Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and you want to, then stop reading here and just enjoy the game. If you are OK only playing one game for the next fifteen or so gaming sessions, there is no other game you should be playing. What I can say is the Legacy version has taken a very good original game (assuming you like playing co-operatively) and added a really interesting story element to it (assuming you are happy to play the same game - albeit with increasingly dramatic tweaks -12-24 times) where you are deciding your own destiny in more ways than one.

If you don’t play games often, I would actually recommend Forbidden Desert instead, since it has simpler rules and is more accessible to non-gamers (plus, I actually enjoy it more than Pandemic). You can make the original Pandemic more difficult by adding the expansions. Many of us are hacking Pandemic: Legacy Season One with lamination, notebooks, photos, etc. Z-Man, we want Season Two to be Pandemic: CAMPAIGN!

The full campaign of Pandemic Legacy (Seasons 1 & 2) is broken down into one year (of story time, not real time).

Pandemic Legacy is, at this writing, the best board game ever made. Pandemic Legacy is a campaign game that takes 12 to 24 sessions to finish. Pandemic Legacy is so expensive because it has content that is added during many future plays. We plan on playing 1-2… If you fail to meet the objectives for that month, you’ll get one more chance to play a second game during that month. You need to play this game.

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