The fibula can bend slightly and it can also rotate within its ligament. Answered on Mar 16, 2020. After IM nailing the tibia and leaving the fibula as is, I was put in a walking boot and given crutches, I ditched the crutches after the first 2 weeks and have been in the walking in the boot around my campus slowly but surely as instructed. It can also slides up and down during ankle motion; inward and outward. The problem is that sometimes the injury is not that severe, and only an x-ray will help determine the severity of your injury.Can you walk on a broken ankle and how soon can you walk? Depends: It really depends on the location and type of fibula fracture. A stable fracture that doesn't require surgery may be able to come out of boot in 2-6 weeks. 1 doctor answer.

Some people even feel dizzy or sick mainly due to the pain and shock of breaking their ankle. The fibula bone bears only 15 to 20% of the body weight.

That's why it's of critical importance that a medical professional familiar with the treatment of fibula fractures evaluate your injury and ensure that appropriate treatment is recommended.

you need to know that after 4 weeks in the cast, youve lost quite alot of muscle mass, and also flexibility on the ligaments and tendons. It sounds as though you are getting closer to the day you can walk. Fibula fracture.

You might be able to start putting weight on it in less than a month, although of course that would be dependent upon how well the bones are healing. so its normal for … 1 doctor agrees. 24 years experience in Orthopedic Surgery. The tibia bears approximately 80% of the body weight. 7. I'm 21 years old and was fairly active (gym, basketball, skiing regularly and some occasional running). Once they say you can put partial weight on it, you will be on your way to walking.

Docs told me to give it a good year- …

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7 thanks. If possible, your doctor can realign your broken bones without open surgery as well.

My bimalleolar surgery( 2 screws on inside bone, plate and 8 screws on outside) was the first week of March of this year.

Just in the last couple weeks have I felt like I can walk 3 miles with no limp, albeit not without some low level pain. Dr. David Bloome answered.

It may be recommended that you walk with crutches, use a knee scooter, or other crutch alternative such as iWALK2.0 that allows you move about while being non weight bearing on the affected leg. Splint: Initially a doctor may suggest splinting the lower leg to provide comfort and support. Fibula bone plays a minor role in bearing the weight of the body as we walk.

While isolated fibula fractures usually heal quickly, more complex injuries may require further treatment. The severity of your injury will help make a decision in this regard.

So how long will i be in a walking boot?

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