Soups & Chili Cals Fat Cals Fat (g) Sat (g) Trans (g) Chol (mg) Sod (mg) Carbs (g) Fiber (g) Sugar (g) Prot (g) Chicken Enchilada - Bowl 440 250 28 9 0 70 1660 25 3 22 Chicken Enchilada - Cup 220 130 14 4.5 0 35 830 13 1 2 11 Loaded Baked Potato - Bowl 520 320 35 21 0 115 1860 26 2 4 19 Loaded Baked Potato - Cup 260 160 18 11 0 55 930 13 1 2 9 Southwest Chicken - … CHILI'S NUTRITION 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

CHILI'S NUTRITION 1. Look no … Looking for Chili's menu nutritional information? Chili's Nutrition Facts & Calories. All items are listed as served, unless otherwise indicated. The Burgers on the Chili’s menu with the lowest amount of calories are Little Mouth Burger (330 calories), Burger Patty (360 calories) and Guiltless Black Bean Burger (610 calories).

CHILI'S NUTRITION 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

DINING ROOM PORTIONS Effective: February 18th, 2019 All items are listed as served, unless otherwise indicated. Burgers With the Highest and Lowest Calories on the Chili’s Menu.

Effective: October 1st, 2018 1. Are you looking for a Chili’s calorie counter online? The chart below will help you find …

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