The anecdotal evidence that coconut oil can stop, slow down, or even reverse mental decline is compelling. However, while MCTs can help the Alzheimer’s brain function better for a while, as far as is currently known, they do not reverse the underlying pathology.

Quite often I see a headline like Discover How Coconut Oil Can Rescue The Brain From Alzheimer’s or an advertisement selling a Coconut Oil Cure for Alzheimer’s.Those are real headlines — I didn’t make them up. Dr. Coconut oil also is a saturated fat that does cause an increase in cholesterol levels. they tout macadamia nut, avacado oil and dome others but who can afford them. they are like $30.00 or more a bottle. Consumption of saturated fat has long been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to its ability to raise harmful … Here are a few of my reservations about the claims for coconut oil: Lots of good research is being done on ketones, but none of it involves coconut oil.

i use coconut oil all the time now. Berberine (Coptis chinensis, Hydrastis canadensis) is a natural plant alkaloid that has been used for millennia in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to treat diarrhea and gastrointestinal issues.. Berberine is a unique and powerful dietary supplement with nootropic benefits. It is being sold as essential oil for addressing certain forms of cognitive decline and dementia. We have been covering the news on the health benefits of coconut oil for 12 years now. Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease Posted by: Nastassia Green in Health and Wellness , Natural Remedies 0 221 Views Search for a remedy against Alzheimer’s disease, a fatal neurological disorder, is complicated and at the same time mysterious as well as the disease itself. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial is designed to determine the effect of taking coconut oil on the cognition, functioning, and behavior of older adults with mild to moderate Alzheimer's. SEE ALSO: Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Hoax Coconut oil and alzheimer’s. 2012 was the year that the news about coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease started making it into the mainstream media. Other sources of saturated fat include animal products such as meat and dairy, and other plant-based tropical oils such as palm oil. Dr. Bruce Fife, author of Stop Alzheimer’s Now, recommends VCO instead of MCT drugs such as Axona because the drugs become ineffective over time, wear off quickly, have side effects and cause free radical damage to the cells. But you don’t have to wait until this idea becomes mainstream or until you hear it from your doctor. A 2004 study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging showed evidence of coconut oil aiding Alzheimer’s prevention and even reversal. According to coconut oil nutrition profile coconut oil has three fatty acids: lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. Caprylic acid, also known as a medium chain triglyceride (MCT), breaks down into ketone bodies when it is consumed. Coconut oil is advanced for its ability deliver fast energy without affecting blood sugar. that is rediculious for a person on social security. coconut oil is much better for you than corn oil, canola oil and other poor oils.

The claims around the medical properties of coconut oil have burgeoned in recent times, with bold claims online that it’s “one of the healthiest foods on the planet” with “life-saving” properties. Coconut Oil Provides SuperFuel to the Brain. When the MCTs in virgin coconut oil are converted into ketones they act as a super fuel for the brain. Coconut oil contains low levels of caprylic acid, and some Alzheimer’s patients (those who do not carry the APOE4 allele) may initially respond well to very high doses of coconut oil.

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