Many people misinterpret Conservative Judaism as being like Reform Judaism except with more Hebrew in its services; they believe that if one simply goes to a Conservative synagogue, then one is a Conservative Jew. Merge seminary programs. Balancing the Past With the Present. 212-947-1676. Conservative Judaism parts with Reform in that it generally accepts the binding nature of Halakah. Conservative Halakhah on Sexual Orientation. This balance allows Jews to lead truly fulfilled lives; and in an ever-evolving world, provides a message of compassion, enlightenment, and holiness to communities everywhere. Elliot N. Dorff - Professor of philosophy at the Univ. It is an authentic Judaism precisely because it is dynamic. Followers of Judaism believe in one God who revealed himself through ancient prophets. You want to think bigger? Louis Finkelstein - Talmud scholar. Conservative Jews value Jewish study and education. Conservative Judaism affirms the legitimitacy of scientific biblical criticism. Answer: The traditional religion of the Jews is Judaism.
The Jewish expression “Eat kosher but think trayf [non-kosher]” encapsulates the ideology of one of the more popular branches of modern American Judaism.An attempted medium between the traditional and liberal wings of Judaism, Conservative Judaism seeks to balance past traditions with modern thought. While Reform Jews, who are less traditional than... Israel. Reform and Conservative, or Reform and Reconstructing Judaism, synagogues are sharing synagogue space and financial resources. of Judaism, theologian, member of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards. 888-JRB-FREE (888-572-3733) The movement believes that God is real and that God's will is made known to humanity through revelation. Beliefs of Conservative Jews Theology. ... Conservative and Reform Jews believe that the ancient laws and practices have to be interpreted for modern life with inclusion of contemporary sources and with more concern with community practices than with ritual practices. Zecharias Frankel - Founder of positive-historical Judaism. Women read from the Torah in Conservative synagogues, after age 12. Like Reform Jews, Conservatives believe that the Torah was divinely inspired but authored by humans. Conservative Judaism is rooted in the wisdom gained at the intersection of heritage and progress. In Conservative Judaism, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) of the Rabbinical Assembly makes the movement's decisions concerning Jewish law.The CJLS consistently refused to pass several proposed takkanot concerning the Levitical prohibitions on male-male anal sex, but also on all forms of homosexual intimacy in general. Neil Gillman - … Conservative Judaism. Though few Conservative leaders took this extreme approach, many–including Joel Meyers, the executive vice president of the Rabbinical Assembly, and Jerome Epstein, the executive vice president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism–professed their belief in the historicity of the Exodus.
The Torah.

Keep In Touch Contact us. Conservative Judaism affirms its belief in God, and most Conservative Jews accept this; but the beliefs of the individual members may vary somewhat. Notable People in Conservative Judaism. Judaism's most centrist sect, the Conservative movement, believes that the Torah was either divinely given or divinely inspired but is no longer perfectly relevant for modern Jews. Today, the Conservative Judaism movement is nearly as large as Reform Judaism.

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