The Come Bet in Craps 1. You don’t have the option of taking it down if you feel a Seven is coming (Odds can come down). The shooter... 3. A new shooter prepares to make a come-out roll for a new game. Players make a Come Bet after a point is established. Since its chances of winning are greater, it pays out even money meaning that if you place a $10 wager, you can win another $10. The difference is when the bets are made. After a point is established, the only numbers that matter for Pass Line bets are 7 and the point number. Place Bets, on the other hand, can be taken down or turned off at any time. However, as there is a built-in advantage for the casino, the odds for the Come bet are slightly biased at 251 to 244. The Come Bet is very similar  to the Pass Line Bet, which causes confusion for new players. The Come bet is among the most basic types of bets one can place at the craps table. The only difference between the come bet and the pass line bet is that you are wagering on the come bet only after a point has been established. Come Bets are contract bets meaning once it travels to the number, it stays there until a decision is made. You make a $5 Flat Pass Line bet. In terms of odds, payouts, and terms, the two wagers are identical. The come bet works much like the pass line bet and it is one of the most popular wagers on the table with some of the best odds and lowest house edge. The shooter rolls a... 2.

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