This is the mod that adds quite a few extensions to in-game editor.

Some minor editing has been done to make it conform to the wiki guidelines and to make it easier to read, but nothing beyond that. Hello dear Cube 2 community! (This will get more powerful when new release comes).

Editing: To make shadowmapped point lights, just make light entities as normal. First I will introduce some basic commands, then I will explain the most important general light settings of a map. A Cube 2: Sauerbraten server modification.

A game server for Cube 2: Sauerbraten: /connect - sauerbraten/waiter In editing mode, press [F3] or which ever button spawns a new entity.

For a more complex setup you might like to try the scripts on quadropolis, which might help your scripting needs, although simple settings simply require a COMMAND VALUE line CubeScript (used by Sauerbraten too, though syntax (and of course command set) have evolved (and still are evolving)) can be used for a wide range of complex functions.

In contrast to Sauerbraten, Inexor adds a lot of functionality and strives to stay open to improvements and suggestions. This isnt a cheat as much as it is hacking, but anyway, press E to enter editing mode. Cube 2 - Sauerbraten Cheat: Double Health: ----- Submitted by: Razor116 In singleplayer (the only place it works) play any level with an open space with no enemies at the beginning. The documentation features default keys provided by the base/default.cfg file.
eihrul put this up on the Cube Engine Forums here, and I thought it might be good to have a wiki page for it. Lighting is one the most important parts in mapping for Cube 2. On Windows, do a checkout of the Sauerbraten SVN inside the Tesseract directory, or edit the tesseract.bat file to point to an existing Sauerbraten SVN checkout you might have.

In default, it should spawn shotgun shells. This is not a full list of commands available to the user, but a list of the most common and useful functions. This article is directed to new mappers, who are not yet familiar with the very basic aspects of lighting. Yes, this mod allows you to create a map via script.

Most of it should apply for other Cube-Engine-based games (the default keys may differ, though). For more information, and an larger list of commands check out the documentation. No information has been removed or changed, only slightly moved.-- LeftClicker Making Models For Sauerbraten Today I present to you Sauerbraten Editing Utilities! Inexor is a fork of the open-source First-Person-Shooter Cube 2: Sauerbraten, a fast-paced shooting game featuring an in-game map editor. There are features that may help you during sessions and features that would do stuff for you. Contribute to SauerMod/SM-Server development by creating an account on GitHub.

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