Although fractures of the cuboid are rare, they can be very disabling. It happened Jan 4th of 09 and I wasn't put in a walking air cast until about 4 weeks ago (switched doctors and got proper treatment).

The purpose of this study is to describe the clinical and radiographic presentation of cuboid fractures in children and to produce a guide for appropriate evaluation and treatment.Twenty-eight consecutive patients with cuboid fracture treated at the same institution between 1998 and 2004 were retrospectively analyzed.The mean age at presentation was 38.7 months (range, 14-74 months). My weight pretty much crushed my left foot under me. These children were seen because of their inability to bear weight on the affected foot following a fall. The next morning I woke up with massive swelling and bruising to the … Nearly 2 years ago I fell while walking in some cute wedge shoes. Chronic Cuboid … Initial radiographs were normal; however, early scintigraphy revealed focal uptake in the cuboid. (Center) A fracture of the second metatarsal (arrow) and a fracture of the cuboid (circle). Advice for cuboid fracture treatment s/p fall July 2006 mitchsands. (Right) A very severe injury of the foot from a high-energy event.It has resulted in a complete dislocation of the entire midfoot (box).
Our e-learning platform contains high resolution images and a certified CME of the Internal fixation of “Nutcracker” Fracture of the cuboid: Stryker VariAx 2 Foot System surgical procedure. Cuboid Syndrome Manipulation Belmont DPTOrtho. Learn the Internal fixation of “Nutcracker” Fracture of the cuboid: Stryker VariAx 2 Foot System surgical technique with step by step instructions on OrthOracle. Background: Cuboid fractures are rare injuries, and treatment methods are ill-defined. The diagnosis is often missed, and overlooked cuboid fractures can lead to severe alterations in foot mechanics and function. (Left) A subtle injury to the midfoot with widening between the first and second metatarsals (circle), compared with the normal foot on the left. Treatment. I have a cuboid stress fracture in my right foot after some stupid running mistakes (increasing mileage too quickly and wearing wrong shoes). The cuboid is generally fractured following a fall in which the foot is sprained. A simple cuboid fracture can be treated by cast immobilization followed by functional rehabilitation to limit the risk of complications. The authors describe two proved and two presumed cases of cuboid fractures in toddlers. We report the case of a displaced compression fracture of the cuboid in an 8-year-old girl after a fall from a height, which we treated by open reduction, bone grafting, and internal fixation.

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