With gear Deathstroke wins handily, as Bane's aesthetic muscle look isn't going to give him a win, however without gear, I'd still say Deathstroke wins; but in a very good fight IMO. Bonus Round Bruce and Ollie team up and go after Bane and Slade who wins. They are given a month to train and become accustomed to their new abilities then they fight in a Cage match with no prior knowledge or Prep and no weapons. Bane is injected with the A.T.C.H Serum that made Slade into Deathstroke while Deathstroke is given a dosage of Venom once every 12 hours.

Deathstroke (Arrow) vs Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) Round 1 is a straight fight with no guns or swords or weapons. Round 3 is how Bane does against Ollie and how Slade does against Bruce. Round 1: Bane- …

PC Versions of both.

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