The African Grey parrots have seen a rise in popularity as pets, largely due to studies that have provided greater insight into the extreme intelligence of these birds. For those wanting a more social pet bird, or one they can train, Petco's bird shop provides a variety of hand-tamable parakeets, conures and cockatiels birds for sale. Eclectus parrots talk extremely well and keeping these adorable parrots as pets is a great idea! They are the animals most people consider first, and they make some of the best pets. Pet parakeets originated from warm regions throughout the world, but some escaped their owners and adapted to life in the United States or Europe. All the birds mentioned here are popular as pets in Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere, and all are readily available to would-be owners.

There are far too many parrot types to mention them all, but you should be able to find a species to interest you among the most popular groups. Male birds display a vivid green color with red and blue accents while the female birds have red and blue-purple feathers. They are absolutely stunning to look at with their bright red tipped tails, in contrast to their somber gray bodies and black curved beaks. Jardine’s parrots – red front parrots as pets Anna 2013-06-29T00:00:00+02:00 Jardine's parrots, also known as the red fronted parrot a native to the central area of Africa where they are found in upper canopy of trees in well forested areas and low land rainforests. And sometimes the male and female of a species look completely different, such as the Eclectus. Pet Parrots 101 - Parrot Types Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Conures, Lovebirds, Lorries, Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Caiques and Poicephalus There are a wide variety of Pet Parrots suitable as companions each having its own charm and concerns. Many can make wonderful pets for people who understand their needs. The 10 Most Amazing 'Talking' Pet Birds Some people want a pet that they can exercise and play with, and some people want a pet that will help keep them warm at night. These adorable parrots delight in clowning around and learning new tricks.

Colors also vary by species. This BirdEden article provides interesting information and pictures of different conure species. These are some of the different types of parrots. A list detailing each variant's real … Greys are excellent talkers; most pick up words quite readily and speak with great clarity. Kinds of pets. Popular Poicephalus pet parrots include the red-bellied parrot, the Senegal parrot, and the Meyer’s parrot. Pet parakeets originated from warm regions throughout the world, but some escaped their owners and adapted to life in the United States or Europe. Parakeets are engaging little parrots that many folks enjoy having as pets. Over 100 different species of parakeets exist in a variety of colors. Pionus parrots are friendly family pets. Some parrots sport numerous colors, such as the lories, while others wear two or only one color, such as Vasa parrots. Most parrots can learn how to talk if they are given the time and attention. The world of parrots is incredibly diverse with different kinds of parrots in all colors, sizes, and temperaments. A person can select a parrot based on their size as well as their personalities. Generally speaking, smaller parrots with long tail feathers are more often referred to as parakeets only, while larger parrots with long tail feather are called parrots … The African gray parrots are native to Central and West Africa. They are often nicknamed winged rainbows. Pionus Pionus look like small Amazons and they both have similar traits. These parrot species are ideal for first-time owners and enthusiasts alike. The wonderful thing about birds is that all types of pet birds have their own personalities, traits, and characteristics. Some make wonderful pets while some are too independent to be bound down by humans.

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