The short answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. Whether you have a large farm or a backyard chicken coop, you reap the benefit of fresh, flavorful eggs that are usually considerably less expensive than eggs from the supermarket. Here’s more information on washing farm fresh eggs. When you wash eggs, you can drive some bacteria in through the pores of the shell, so it's a bad idea to do so unless needed just before cooking as a general practice.
Let's start with the short don't have to wash fresh chicken eggs.

The time frame you mentioned - "Did you know commercial egg farmers have 30 days from the day an egg is laid to get it to stores.Then, the stores have another 30 days to sell the eggs. If you plan on selling your eggs, check your state's food regulations since they may require you to use a detergent or sanitizer when you wash your eggs.

eggs will keep out of the sun for months if not washed but no one actually knows how long.i do know that after a week the hatching rate starts dropping off. Wash the eggs under running water from the faucet or spray the eggs in washer flats or wire baskets with warm water. after raising chickens and selling eggs for years; I’ve found that, my best way to wash them is with the same thing i wash my dishes with. Eggs with blood spots are safe to eat. When you wash off the bloom, the egg shell becomes porous and …

These eggs will have to be refrigerated as the washing will remove the bloom. Keeping the nesting boxes clean helps to cut down on the poopy eggs. Do not use cold water to wash eggs. Once they are washed, do not store them for more than a few days in the refrigerator. Eggs have a protective covering called the bloom. Usually, if I have poopy eggs I try to use them up, or wash them, hard boil them, and then give them back to the chickens along with some dried eggshells to give them back some calcium! The bloom is such a great protective coating, that you don’t even need to refrigerate farm fresh eggs. It is not necessary to use soap, bleach, vinegar or any cleaning materials when washing eggs. Homegrown eggs are often more healthful than supermarket eggs, as you are able to control the chickens' care and diet. If you’re new to chicken keeping and farm fresh eggs, you may be wondering how to store them. I moisten them until the dirty spots soften, wipe, and dry. You should also continue to refrigerate any eggs that have already been chilled because leaving a cold egg out can cause condensation to form on the shell. You do not need bleach or vinegar or anything else. Sometimes, there’s just too much mud and goop on the eggs to scrub them with a sponge. On the farm, soiled eggs should be discarded rather than washed. And I felt like two weeks from the time laid was getting old!

If your nests are clean, your eggs should be clean. You can read our full disclosure here.This blog uses cookies click here for more information. Should You Wash Farm Fresh Eggs? Avoid using water any hotter than 111 °F (44 °C) since it could start to boil your eggs. It is best not to wash the bloom from your eggs – but if you are going to do so despite all of the reasons not to, then be sure to know how to wash fresh eggs properly so that you minimize the risks. Wash hands, utensils and equipment with hot, soapy water after contact with eggs.

Egg cleaning To sanitize the eggs, spray the cleaned eggs with a diluted bleach-water solution. When your hens lay eggs, there is a natural coating that is laid on top called the "bloom" that helps keep out bacteria. To avoid illness, cook eggs until yolks are firm. You only need water.

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