If you are lactose intolerant or have a cow-milk allergy, a2 Milk isn’t for you. Here's how. Further, non-dairy foods, such as coffee creamers, …

The stable concentration of lactose is important in maintaining a constant osmotic pressure in human milk.

Above table contains gross composition of different animals. Llama Milk Lactose. In breast milk, many carbohydrate-based bioactive compounds, such oligosaccharides, are attached to lactose. Powdered food products such as soups, dehydrated potatoes and meal-replacement supplements typically contain lactose. You can see the difference between human milk & cow milk, also other spices. In some cases, manufacturers add vitamin D and calcium to this type of milk to produce a beverage similar in nutrition to milk but without any lactose risks.

This type of lactose-free milk does not have the same benefits of cow's milk, such as high calcium content. As we can see there lot difference between protein content of human & cow milk. Both soy and rice milk taste different from cow’s milk, but are very similar in texture and viscosity.

Does milk upset your stomach?You could be lactose intolerant.. Since lactose does not have any flavor, using lactose as a food additive does not change the flavor of food. Only 80,000 to 100,000 llamas live in the United States, a small population when compared to other livestock used for milk production, according to the Llama Lifestyle Marketing Association 2.In addition, each female llama only produces about 60 mL of milk at a time, which means their young must suckle often to get adequate nutrition. With mild lactose intolerance you can manage your symptoms by eating smaller amounts of dairy products4. Between 30 and 50 million Americans have mild to severe lactose intolerance, a condition that causes digestive symptoms within 30 minutes to two hours of eating dairy products, according to the Cleveland Clinic4. The fat content in the product does not effect the amount of lactose. Additionally, you can find lactose in frozen and canned vegetables because it also helps prevent discoloration of foods.

Lactose also aids the absorption of minerals and calcium. But even if you are, you can probably still enjoy light coffee and creamy desserts without discomfort. Soy milk and rice milk are both milk alternatives that are naturally lactose-free because they are not derived from animals.

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