Use Current Location. Wish List . Viking Axe, Double Bit Axe Medieval Battle Axe, LARP Weapon, Handcrafted Wooden Double Headed Axe, LARP and Cosplay, Wall Decor TheNorseWind 5 out of 5 stars (1,149) £ 30.24 £ 33.60 £ 33.60 (10% off) The Gränsfors Double Bit Axe is based on the North American working axes, but has been modified for use in axe throwing. It fits double-bit Axe heads 3 to 5 lbs. Truper 35-in L Hickory Double-bit Axe Handle. Karesuando Hunter Small Axe Walnut . All Axes are custom made for each order and can be engraved with personalised runes.

Truper Michigan Double Bit Axe. Antique vintage axe head double bit axe the axe will show signs of wear and tear as it has been used and is vintage . Skip to content.

Check Other Stores closed. Ships to Low cost shipping in Canada. Ships to Low cost shipping in Canada.

Handle absorbs impact shock before it reaches the user . Gransfors, Council and Wetterlings Axe Handles.

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Wood handles are great at absorbing shocks, which can be annoying or even hazardous to your health if you have joint problems. Wood Handles. Replacement hickory handles for Gränsfors Bruk hatchets, forest axes, outdoor axes, felling axes, splitting axes, and double-bit axes. but here i'm selling a used american double bit axe, in good solid condition. H and B Forge Hawk 19in with Leather Edge Cover .
Shipping Info. Double bit axe handle - 30" - whiskey river. Replacement hickory handles for Council Tools' Velvicut and Wood-Craft lines of axes. Item #19819 Model #MG-DHM-31-2H-LW 3415. $54.95. You'll want to distinguish between those for a single bit, double bit, trapper's, cruiser's, ice axe, and broad axe. Shipping Info. Hultafors Axe Stone . View cart. Both edges are identical and the centre of gravity and handle are carefully positioned so that the axe rotates well in flight. $279.95. in weight. Wood is the original axe handle. Oxhead Double Axe . Overview. Gränsfors Bruk Axe Handles . Many axe enthusiasts still consider ash or hickory handles to be the best you can have for any type of axe, because they look and feel great in the hands. Wish List . The hickory handle is used to repair a broken double-bit Axe handle. $189.95. Weighing in at 3-and-a-half pounds, the premium double bit Michigan axe has a well-polished head, and the double injected fiberglass handle adds to it.

It's handy to know that the broad axe's chisel edge and recurved handle differentiate it from any other axe, and as with any vintage item, condition is paramount to selecting well. Ships to Low cost shipping in Canada. Shipping Info . Council Tool Axe Handles. Double Bit Axe Handle - 30" - Whiskey River Premiu . Home New Jewelry Drinking Horns Apparel Armoury Free Shipping on all orders over $100. Wetterlings Axe Handles. The dimensions and design of the axe comply with the rules for axe … Sold Out! Menu. $189.95. The Best 4 Double Headed Axes to Consider 1.

Handmade Viking Axes on Sale now. on all orders over $100.

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