Elaine Belloc vs Haruhi Suzumiya Forum > Versus Threads board > Elaine Belloc vs Haruhi Suzumiya The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. SM 1 million has vague feats to contend, RKT is basically featless and Dr Manhattan has nothing to show for all the hype. :) British schoolgirl turned God, Elaine Belloc became the glue that holds creation together--the single most powerful being in the DC universe. Respect Elaine Belloc (Vertigo) comics. Elaine's powers are non-transferable and will remain hers even if she should die, become human, change form, regardless of any contract. Also on my blog--I decided to mirror this here. Elaine Belloc is a fictional character in the DC/Vertigo Comics series Lucifer created by Mike Carey. Note: I was asked to repost this with the proper title formatting.

- Lucifer #4.

Lucifer Morningstar,Michael Demiurgos and Elaine Belloc vs the Celestials Discussion in 'Comics Battledome' started by tttorres, Nov 6, 2009. Could see the dead and found them hard to ignore. Angel. Elaine was created by Carey specifically for the Lucifer series, and her character is that of a young girl with special powers who encounters Lucifer and takes part in the adventures and battles surrounding him. Phoenix Force has no place here and is that Mr Mercator or something.

Elaine is able to restore her sight at will as the omnipotent presence of a cosmos that she created as well as retaining full use and privilege of her powers.

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