Electromagnetic radiation or EM radiation is a noticeable part of the spectrum. Here is a quick look at the electromagnetic spectrum with common names for various regions.

Infrared radiation extends from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers (nm) to 1 millimeter (mm). On the other end of the spectrum are gamma rays, with wavelengths billions of times smaller than those of visible light. The range of frequencies and wavelengths is remarkable. In fact, most of the light in the universe is invisible to our eyes. Though the sciences generally classify EM waves into seven basic types, all are manifestations of the same phenomenon. Electromagnetic waves are categorized according to their frequency f or, equivalently, according to their wavelength λ = c/f.

The entire range of the spectrum is often broken into specific regions.

The Meaning of Light and Color. On one end of the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves, which have wavelengths billions of times longer than those of visible light. On one end of the electromagnetic spectrum are radio waves, which have wavelengths billions of times longer than those of visible light. EM radiation is classified into types according to the frequency of the wave: these types include, in order of increasing frequency, radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays. The different forms of electromagnetic energy mainly include heat from the fire, the sunlight, microwave energy while cooking, rays from X-ray, etc.
Definition and relationship to the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum includes visible light, X-rays and radio waves.

All EM waves are made up of photons that travel through space until they interact with matter; some waves are absorbed and others are reflected. Electromagnetic Spectrum: The electromagnetic spectrum, showing the major categories of electromagnetic waves.
This continuous range of frequencies is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. The dividing line between some categories is distinct, whereas other categories overlap. Electromagnetic waves can come in many different wavelengths and different frequencies, so long as the product of the wavelength and frequency of a given wave equals the speed of light (that is, λf = c). Electromagnetic waves form a spectrum of different wavelengths. The visible light spectrum is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can view. It is one kind of way to travel energy through space. More simply, this range of wavelengths is called visible light. Typically, the human eye can detect wavelengths from 380 to 700 nanometers.

Waves in the electromagnetic spectrum can all travel through a vacuum at the … This is a huge domain spanning 23 decades in frequencies or wavelengths.

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